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The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXXV)

That that time ande bounced and you the readers, are each from a different country where the temperature has nothing to do (or other) that we have here in Spain (I write from Madrid, specifically) is seeing some of the street-style of this week is we put, to which we are moving more cold , the willies because seems to be that There are still who refuses to save the summer in the closet. So we have for all tastes and colors: from the point in the thicker version until some daring that still think that shirt and Suspenders are a good bet for the weekend output. Continue reading

Vintage Wedding Motto Travels

In order to personalize your wedding personally and to “impress your stamp” a wedding motto is ideal. For all Globetrotter and Reiselustige is the beautiful wedding motto travels. This is easy to implement, your ideas will surely be so bubbling.

You can get inspiration from this Fotostory, which mixes the rice theme with the trendy vintagelook.From the invitation to the decoration to the wedding cake are so charming suggestions! Continue reading

Most Beautiful Handbags Carpisa Summer Collection

Here are the bags Carpisa 2015, the most beautiful models of the collection Carpisa spring summer to choose to colorize and embellish your trendy summer outfits. We discover together the catalog Carpisa 2015 with the most interesting proposals: shopping bag, handbag, shoulder bags, clutch bags and many other models.

The collection Carpisa 2015 offers many models of bags for the hot season, all perfect for your most wanted outfits. The bags Carpisa PE 2015 show simple lines with minimalist design but highly sought after, often enriched with original details and bits of different materials that create dynamic adding a touch of style. Continue reading

Boots Twin Autumn Winter Set

Boots Twin autumn-winter Set 2013-2014: biker or Texans, with cugno heel or wedge, is the detail that makes the difference. It seduces.

The Twin Set boots for the 2013-2014 autumn-winter are Texans and bikers, especially.Convenient, comfortable, and glam. No high heels or very high, that Simona Barbieri dedicated to all shoes and boots . But so much femininity.

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Fashion Trends Autumn Winter 2017

Not only accessories! We go on ahead to the Super to reveal a preview of the autumn-winter fashion collections 2016/2017. Make a note of the coolest brands in circulation and carried out 13!

Bruno Bordese

Surprises with special effects and original details. With its orange tints, fly and copper. Many proposals in the collection, from biker high, passing through the amphibian or black leather flat but leaving everyone speechless oversized wedges are clearly inspired by Japanese, already in the summer collection but presented now with multicoloured fur and sole tank.

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Decorative Wooden Wall Hanging Clock

They dot the magazines or catalogs decoration: authentic wooden objects and sleek, like famous wooden clock with a vintage look. But where to find such treasures? Especially since these treasures have a price, often high … How about to make your clock yourself? Get started! With our instructions and our Edding markers decoration , you will get there easily and be able to make original gifts.

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Fashion Styles for Famous People

Mario Pini

The Neapolitan designer who comes from the world of jewelry presents to Super a shoe collection that have become in short one of the highlights of the whole trade fair. Shoes with a heel, which is nothing but a can of Coke, crushed. Colors and mood inspiration comes from the Red Flash across the face of David Bowie, revised from Lady Gaga, to which the same collection is inspired. It is fundamental to femininity, Roberto Cavalli, which includes in its collection metallic elements combined with precious leathers like ostrich and Python. Grunge style that differs from the usual classifications to create real objects of desire.

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