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5 Pedagogical Toys for Children’s Day

The children’s day is already coming, do you already know what will present your child, nephew, grandchild or some special little one? If the doubt still takes hold, a very special tip is the pedagogical toys . They, in addition to entertaining the kids, also contribute to their development, learning words and numbers, to work on patience and motor coordination. Continue reading

Toy Tips for Children 2 to 4 Years

You know what are the toys that your child should have to be nurtured properly? To start Tempojunto, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. But after that I understood how the games are important for the development of children, I look with fresh eyes to the formation of the playroom of my house. Today I want to give tips on toy for children from 2 to 4 years. Continue reading

You in Tempojunto: a Homemade Toy

The Tempojunto has a “thing” that is amazing. The family of readers who accompany us and know how to joke makes a difference in the relationship with the children. And often the people here are happy, thrilled and surprised with every legal statement arrives, both in the blog comments, as on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Continue reading

Tips: The Ideal Toy for Every Age

You can pick the right gift for the kids?

Many parents have questions about the ideal toy to give the children. Up to what age play dolls? Pushchairs should be replaced by Board Games in which phase? Experts give an important Tip: Watch the stimuli for each year of life. This helps in development and provides safe fun.

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How to Fly an Inverted RC Helicopter

Flying an RC helicopter is a hobby that can take years for master.The learning curve can be steep, especially in more advanced models.However, when you reach the top of the curve you can enjoy the flying tricks that amaze viewers and demonstrate your flying skill.One of the most visually exciting tricks to master is the inverted flight.Flying an inverted helicopter needs to flip the helicopter flying upside down, perform as you normally would.It is not as difficult as it sounds, but getting it to work takes practice and process knowledge. Continue reading

How do Your Children Choose Their Toys?

Imagine the scene: 30 children abandoned in a huge toy store, free to choose the 3 products they would dream to have for Christmas. It’s the friendly experience led Toys ‘R’ Us on October 26 on the occasion of a new study. The opportunity to discover the criteria that motivate their choice…

One could imagine that our little ones would throw themselves on the most expensive items in the store, but there is nothing. “Ben, pff, me for now on my list I think I have these three there, and so well, I think that it’s not too expensive”, saysAmélie. Aware or not of the crisis, the price is all important in the children’s choice criteria.

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Three Tips on Choosing Toys

Baby shops overflowing with toys of all kinds.

Children are attracted by the packaging lumineuxet cargoes, be it music or book a fun buzz means parovozika.Sleznye and groans often lead to the fact that the parent agrees to satisfy the desire of her child.

But the next day, buying and strong light is in the corner, and the child is worn cubes occupied.

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