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Riviera Club Offers a Spring-Summer Fresh and Classic at The Same Time

Riviera Club It is one of those brands that are not internationally known and insurance that have a smaller number of followers at the commercial level. But nonetheless we must let it pass over, because it’s a collection in general quite wisely when selecting your clothes and a very refined style that focuses mainly on classic cuts without abandoning the splashes of color. A roll quite formal but without forgetting its roots sport and youth. Continue reading

Manolo on Indie Fashion Fair in Copenhagen

After going through all the booths at the main fair, CPH Vision, we put ourselves in a taxi and go to the considerably smaller Exhibition Gallery. At this trade fair is the only Scandinavian design, and all compulsive and crowds from the main fair is blown away.
At CPH Vision, to dismiss nine of ten booths as either dammontrar or just pure junk. Here at the Gallery, it is certainly very Lady, too, but the Mr collections are really good. Continue reading

Ask Manolo: How Much Cotton Should It Be?

Hi I have a question about the t-shirts. What material should I choose when you buy a t-shirt? It is 100% cotton that apply or? Read on the page about a company that printed the t-shirts, our site, but their t-shirts are apparently made of 50/50 polyester/cotton. It is worse with those t-shirts or? All t-shirts I have at home is 100% cotton. Continue reading

Ideas and Trends for Fall Fashion 2016

Next month, more specifically on day 20, autumn already gives the guys around here, in the southern hemisphere. Autumn is the season of choice for many people. At least in the South and Southeast of Brazil, the climate is more fresh, with more wind, a few days to rehearse a cold winter. Many of the clothes we wear this summer will have to be stored for a while to give way to warmer clothes.So let’s show some fashion ideas for you to inspire for next season:

Black and wine

One of the best combinations of colors for fall. Put a skirt and black pantyhose with a sweater wine and you’ll be ready to go!

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Essential Items for Women’s Wardrobe

Choose an outfit in the morning can be a very difficult task, especially if you don’t have much time or when, somehow, it seems that anything looks good on your body. However, there are some essential items of clothing that you can have in your closet that can make that stress be a lot smaller. So, check out some of these essential items for you to update your wardrobe:

White shirt

The white shirt is one of the essential items in every woman’s wardrobe. You can have a more acinturada to work and another longer for weekends. They can be combined with jeans, leggings, skirts and shorts.

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Why are Yoga Pants So Popular

Remember black pants? Heck, remember the jeans? Those were the good old days. Now that you’re a mom, yoga pants are much more essential to your wardrobe of one of those old staples.

Below I detail why your Lululemons (and by that I mean the target yoga pants tell you all are Lululemon) are your unique fashion accessory of the largest maternity. Even more important than your diaper bag.

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Sales of Clothes and Shoes Are Increasingly

According to a WebShoppers survey conducted by consulting firm e-Bit, reveals that the trade of fashion and accessories over the internet jumped from 26° position in 2007 to fourth place among the threads that more market throughout Brazil’s electronic retail. The online retailers never resold so much, and hope that this year will be even better! Continue reading