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Zte Nubia Z17: Flagship with 8 GB Ram and Quick Batch

Quick, with rimless display but no classic headphone jack: ZTE has officially unveiled its Nubia Z17. One of the three variants has built a whopping 8 GB memory. That makes the price felt-in practice but rather not.

After the ZTE Nubia Z17 mini big brother comes now. The Smart phone is already available in China. When it is offered in this country, we will see. Still, ZTE has not announced an official date. Continue reading

Now Comes a Smart Phone from Micrsoft?

Allegedly already first tests of their own Windows Phone 8
A few months ago we had already reported about their own smart phone from Microsoft. At the time, the company from Redmond did not want to know about it and denied the rumor of a self-government-built Windwos Phone 8. According to the motto “What cares me my talk of yesterday.”, The Mircosoft smart phone is now even in the test phase, Reports the Wall Street Journal. The information allegedly comes from official persons of a component supplier whose name does not want to be named. Continue reading

Smart Phone Novelties at Cyberport

New Androids on the Move: Danger for the Samsung Galaxy S3?
All are fearing the sales start of the Samsung Galaxy S3 end of May. Samsung has learned from Apple a little and presented this hanger from a smart phone in early May 2012 in a big show. But also the other manufacturers were not idle in recent months and have diligently worked on new products. The trend is to ever slimmer smart phones with larger and higher-resolution touchscreens and quad-core processors. Can the new releases reach the Galaxy S3 the water or floats the Samsung smart phone in its own Galaxy? Let’s look at the candidatesLG Optimus 4X HD , Motorola RAZR Maxx , HTC One XL and Huawei Ascend P1.
Candidate 1: LG Optimus 4X HD Continue reading

Lg V20 As the First Smart Phone with Android Nougat

LG itself has recently announced the launch of the V20, the first smart phone on the market,equipped directly with Android 7 nougat. At first glance, this was a quite courageous project, because some announcements of this kind were already rejected shortly before the goal. But now it seems to be true. Google hochselbst has confirmed that LG is to form the vanguard of the nougat devices. Continue reading

The Small Titanium

The HTC TyTN II enters in the Smart phone ranking far above – on the fourth rank, the Windows Mobile just missed precious metal.

HTC’s TyTN II, aka HTC Kaiser, occurs in large footsteps. He is the successor of the successful HTC TyTN, who long had in the form of the T-Mobile MDA Vario II held the leading position in the Smart phone ranking at Xonio. Continue reading

Samsung Introduces Smart Phone Campaign for Parents ‘ Day

Samsung starts from today, the campaign “Try a new world with your father”, which will feature promotion dedicated to parents ‘ day with products from the area of the company’s mobile devices. From 17 July to 13 August, in all stores Samsung (physical or online) and major retailers in the Country, consumers can check deals on must-see combinations to give the parents on this special day. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini: S5 with Ideal Size

Conclusion: The Galaxy S5 mini turns in the test as a compact-class version of the Galaxy S5. Processing, HD display, software and feature package are top. Samsung bores on the store and bought the extras that were reserved only for the S5.

Note: This smart phone is the new mobile testing by the July 2016 newly tested, the test report has been adapted. Continue reading

Design for Little Money: Honor8 in Smart phone Test

I am a child of the nineties and I am not proud of it. This is mainly due to the fact that my lasting memories come from abysmal bad music and massively passive boxing legends. Therefore, I am not surprised that I always have to think about the name honor of Henry Maske and his fight against Graciano Rocchigiani, initiated by Sarah Brightman’s “A Question of Honor”. 

But I digress and, strictly speaking, the current smart phone -Highlight Honor 8 isalso much more exciting than box debacle of the nineties. Why? Key words such as dual camera, 2.5D glass and quick charging function, together with the seemingly unbeatable price of currently 399 euros, are a clear challenge to the high-priced competition. Whether the Honor 8 can also score behind the facade, my test will show. In this sense: For the brave. Continue reading

Zoomboard: Keyboard Concept for Small Smart watch Displays

With ZoomBoard, there is now an interesting keyboard concept for smart watches. Only this morning in a contribution to an interesting Smart watch concept I had mentioned that I see a smart clock rather as an extension for my smart phone and not as a stand-alone device. Of course, it would also be desirable for manufacturers to see something like this. But how far does such an expansion actually go? Continue reading