How to Use a Scarf

Even though key winter scarf can also be used in other seasons of the year, just the weather cool a bit her back giving the guys in looks. Modern and versatile, the scarf can give the visual look more elegant or cool, this will depend on the color-and may be smooth, emblazoned, in neutral colors or […]

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How to Dress a Pear Type Body?

What to wear when you have a morphology A? Morphology A, also named pyramid, is most common in women. You make you as part if you have the top of the menu body (shoulders, chest, abdomen) and plump buttocks and hips, so hip width exceeds that of the shoulders. This silhouette is very feminine judging by the […]


Actresses Bet to Solve Problem of Unruly Wires

Celebrities Teach How to Get away from Basic Coke on Bad Hair Day Actresses bet on the scarf to solve the problem of unruly wires; see styles and ways to use the accessory. However, some actresses have wagered on the scarf to solve the problem of bad hair day with a lot of style. We opened their drawers […]