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Samsung Introduces Smart Phone Campaign for Parents ‘ Day

Samsung starts from today, the campaign “Try a new world with your father”, which will feature promotion dedicated to parents ‘ day with products from the area of the company’s mobile devices. From 17 July to 13 August, in all stores Samsung (physical or online) and major retailers in the Country, consumers can check deals on must-see combinations to give the parents on this special day. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini: S5 with Ideal Size

Conclusion: The Galaxy S5 mini turns in the test as a compact-class version of the Galaxy S5. Processing, HD display, software and feature package are top. Samsung bores on the store and bought the extras that were reserved only for the S5.

Note: This smart phone is the new mobile testing by the July 2016 newly tested, the test report has been adapted. Continue reading

Design for Little Money: Honor8 in Smart phone Test

I am a child of the nineties and I am not proud of it. This is mainly due to the fact that my lasting memories come from abysmal bad music and massively passive boxing legends. Therefore, I am not surprised that I always have to think about the name honor of Henry Maske and his fight against Graciano Rocchigiani, initiated by Sarah Brightman’s “A Question of Honor”. 

But I digress and, strictly speaking, the current smart phone -Highlight Honor 8 isalso much more exciting than box debacle of the nineties. Why? Key words such as dual camera, 2.5D glass and quick charging function, together with the seemingly unbeatable price of currently 399 euros, are a clear challenge to the high-priced competition. Whether the Honor 8 can also score behind the facade, my test will show. In this sense: For the brave. Continue reading

Samsung Android Tablet and Smartphone

Samsung will also have suffered a serious blow in terms of its Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it seems that his plans for the conquest of a growing slice of the Android user base you are not stopping.

Thanks to SamFirmware we have the list (and features) on all new product releases Android coming soon from Samsung. Let us see them together:

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Tablets Key Points

Our Tests, Key Points for Well Kitted Out

Connected display to complement or substitute, failing to replace the laptop, the tablet itself as display multimedia reference where all prices and sizes are expressed. See there more clear here.

Long monopolized by Apple’s iPad (250 million products sold since 2010), the market of touch pads has 3 years found inhabited many brands and products where, as Smartphones, Samsung took things in hand. A market even more polarized than on mobile because it is above all a fight between iOS and Android, the alternative hybrid Windows RT then 8.1 is still anecdotal and clearly detached in terms of use.

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iPhone 6s Challenge HTC One M9, S6 Edge, LG G4 and ZTE Axon

The CPU thermal throttling of smartphones has been one of the most discussed topics in this 2015, since the stories have emerged about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Therefore, on the occasion of the marketing of a new smartphone arrives more or less interesting tests are intended to verify how the temperature rise caused by using go to affect the performance of the device.

The test that we propose today is quite interesting and is primarily aimed at iPhone 6s, the latest top of the range model from Apple. During the test will be considered two scenarios, one based at a normal room with a temperature of 24° and one maintained in a container with ice and water, in order to cool the device. Both tests are often lasting 10 minutes and uses the platform Geekbench 3 to check the progress of the performance through the evaluation obtained in core tests. Continue reading

Samsung Gear Live Android Wear Smartwatch

Samsung also wants to jump on the bandwagon of Android Wear and presents its new smartwatch

Samsung is the company that is most active in the market for smart watches. The Google I / O has already shown that there is great potential around this new category of electronic devices, and Samsung wants to enjoy a very good position in that market before other companies do. If it is getting for the moment we leave it to your discretion.

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Samsung Smartwatch 1st Generation

Wozniak explains why they got rid of the Galaxy Gear day after taking him

So awful was the first generation smartwatch Samsung? This is the question many are asking after watching the avalanche of criticism that the device has received from a large number of users that have been made with him. In fact, itseems that even the marketing team of Samsung struggled to develop the advertising campaign aimed takeoff watch sales.

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Overview: iOS 7 Is Ready, 10 Tips for iOS 7 and Galaxy S5 in Aluminium

Apple has released their latest iOS update, but the mobile industry has also featured on the second last week.

Apple’s release of their latest software update for iOS 7 has filled much the past week. You can look at the new iOS here.

But apart from that, Apple has released iOS 7, so is the sale of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c just started in the first countries – more will follow in the coming weeks/months. Rumors believe to know that in Denmark is the sales start on June 18. October.

This week has also featured on the notification of the absolute best designed the Huawei Ascend phone to date – P6. As well as rumors that Samsung lurking on about Galaxy S5 must be in aluminium – and perhaps with the new operating system.

As well as Asus has announced that Nexus 7 hit the Danish stores in October.