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Types of Hat, Fedora, Panama, Floppy and Others

No accessory adds more style in a look of what a good hat, but there are so many that it is common to lose in the options.  To make things easier, here you can find 15 models along with the characteristics and history of each one. Mirela Lacerda, who is a Journalist and author of the blog modalogia, Still give Style tips to raze visual And he does not miss time to assemble the look, check it out! Continue reading

Wearing Hat

Going back a little in time, it was in prehistory that the hat appeared and had a function to protect the head from the sun, cold and rain. And only men wore the accessory, the chiefs of the tribes, giving thread throughout history to the kings and their crowns, the priests wore the miter and the warriors had the helmet. In the Middle Ages, women were obliged to wear the hat to cover their hair, it was a requirement imposed by religion. Continue reading