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Now Comes a Smart Phone from Micrsoft?

Allegedly already first tests of their own Windows Phone 8
A few months ago we had already reported about their own smart phone from Microsoft. At the time, the company from Redmond did not want to know about it and denied the rumor of a self-government-built Windwos Phone 8. According to the motto “What cares me my talk of yesterday.”, The Mircosoft smart phone is now even in the test phase, Reports the Wall Street Journal. The information allegedly comes from official persons of a component supplier whose name does not want to be named. Continue reading

Why Has a Flip Phone in Hello Clip, the Singer Adele?

The latest album from British singer Adele came out for almost five years, so the impact of Hello clip, first single from her new album, 25, was expected. But beyond all expectations satisfied by his first novel in three years (the last was Sky fall, the soundtrack of the eponymous film), a clip detail caught the attention of fans and curious: the presence of flip phones.

The strangeness is due to the time of the mobile phone industry. In the streets and in shop windows, the iPhone format, ie, a simple rectangle with one side occupied by a huge touch screen to touch, is the norm. It is increasingly rare to find other sale, including flip phone there. Even among baratinhos models this is a specimen endangered. It is much easier to come across the type bar, or “Nokia model” (screen and physical keyboard dividing one side of a rectangle with no moving parts) than the flip phones nostalgic.

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Tim Cook: Nokia Lacked Innovation

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that all manufacturers now try to copy Apple’s strategy.

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek says Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook, that he believes the mobile industry has a lot to learn from Nokia’s fate, which is expected to be bought by Microsoft for around 40 billion Danish kroner.

-“I think Nokia’s fate will remind everyone in the industry about the need to continue to innovate – not to innovate is the same as dying,” says Tim Cook to our site.

The interview also comes in on that companies like Google and Microsoft are increasingly doing the same as Apple, by integrating the development of both hardware and software in the same company. Thinking here that Google bought in 2011 Motorola Mobility and Nokia now bought by Microsoft (However, should the deal just approved).

Nokia Superman: Windows Phone for Selfies in the Making

A Smartphone for Selfies in good quality? By the end of 2014, the Nokia Superman to appear, which will have a front-facing camera with high resolution as a major feature. Thus the current trend of Selfies Microsoft takes advantage.

The camera on the front of the Nokia Superman to absorb five megapixel images, reported the verge. The information should come from an insider of Microsoft circles. Since a high resolution at Nokia is usually reserved for the camera on the back, the Superman Smartphone introduces a significant change. Also in the competition, mobile phones in the medium price range usually have a front-facing camera, whose Auflösung lies between one and two megapixels.

Mid-Range Smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft rolls out usually updates of its operating systems along with new devices – thus, it is likely that the Nokia Superman is published together with the second update for Windows phone 8.1 end of the year. The first update to released in July, which would be something very early for a release of the new smartphones.

Of course, you can independently make good Selfies by the Nokia Superman–a researcher has found out what you have to look at the self portraits and packaged this in a formula. There is also the occasional practical Selfie-app – both Android and iOS.

Nokia Refocus-New Photo Application for Nokia Lumia

With the Nokia Nokia Lumia to Refocus, you can move the focus in an image, after the one taken.

Nokia has published yet another new photo app for Nokia Lumia, which makes it possible to move the focus of a picture after it is taken.

The system works by the application takes up a series of five images, where the focus is placed differently on each image.

In after the treatment it is possible to press various spots on the image, to change the focus, make the entire image sharp or add color-pop-effect, in which a particular subject are highlighted in color, while the rest of the image becomes black and white.

Nokia Refocus should be compatible with all Lumia-moddeller from 920 and upwards. At the time of writing is Nokia Rafocus not finding in the Danish Windows Store, but it supports Danish and can be found via the U.S. Windows Phone Large.

Jolla Smartphone Nokia Get HERE Maps and Android Apps

The Finnish smartphone manufacturer Jolla have announced that they have entered into an agreement with Nokia Maps, as well as many Android apps HERE.

The Finnish smartphone manufacturer Jolla announced this week that they have entered into an agreement with card service HERE, which is part of Nokia, so it will now be part of Sailfish US also. It writes Unwired.net.

Jolla announced that thousands of Android applications will be available to the Jolla devices through Yandex store’s Android App Store. Jolla revealed that there were about 85,000 applications in 17 categories from the social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, Lapwings and WeChat, as well as games like Angry Birds.

Sales start for Jolla phone is on 27 November in Helsinki via the Finnish operator DNA.

Flipboard Application Is Now Ready for Windows 8.1

The popular application, Flipboard, is now ready for download for users of Windows 8.1.

Because the Nokia Nokia World held in the month of October 2013 in Abu Dhabi, where John g. Pedersen was in place in the Chamber, told the Nokia that there were new applications on the road to Windows 8.1 platform-something Nokia’s emphasis on now that they’re on the road with a tablet.

One of the applications, which was on its way, it was the popular RSS reader app Flipboard, which brings together all of your feeds in a nice “magazine-like” format and now it is finally here.

This is not a copy of iOS or Android version, but a specially adapted Windows version. It also means that navigation in the application takes place, as in other Windows 8 apps, and you can get a Live Tile, which displays the contents directly on the home screen.

You can download Flipboard for Windows 8.1 in Windows Store.

Shareholders Accept Nokia Sales to Microsoft

Microsoft has gotten their purchase deals of Nokia accepted by Nokia’s shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting.

At an extraordinary general Assembly has a large majority of its shareholders now conclusively accepted the offer from Microsoft by Nokia’s mobile business. It writes our site.

The deal was made public at the beginning of the month of sSeptember, but have since been lacking acceptance from shareholders, but this is now secured. The entire 99.7% of votes that were received before the meeting, had voted for a sale. Those votes represented 80 percent of the shares.

The General Assembly has, however, also featured disagreements, as several small shareholders are not happy with the sale, as well as the whole story about Stephen Elops severance bonus at 140 million dollars should have aroused little touch.