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Copenhagen Jewelry Show

More Sense from Copenhagen

There are those who have wondered why we do not have more from trendy Sence Copenhagen, and we’ve actually asked exactly the same question, and now we can finally announce even more amazing Sence jewelry that is designed to suit the modern and fashion-conscious woman. Sence Copenhagen is a fairly young brand but they have taken the world by storm with its Scandinavian jewelery design. This is jewelry that exudes exclusivity and simplicity at the same time. The idea is to make it easy for you to find combinations that you enjoy and that fit your clothes and other accessories.

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Hippie Necklaces: Photos, Templates, How-to, Tips

The fight for human rights and environmental preservation has been the big deal of that movement which is highlighted by the attitude, clothing and accessories that characterized.

The hippie culture influence in fashion today, with elegant clothes and soft, many colors and natural style with down-to-Earth, wavy hair and little makeup attract women of different social classes. Continue reading

Combine the Look with Jewelry Materials and Semijoias!

If there is one thing that no one can deny is the fact that the jewelry and semijoias give that up in visual. A basic outfit can jump for a sophisticated look in a few minutes adding just a beautiful bracelet with powerful necklace and earrings. To enhance your style and let the look even more beautiful, you can bet on the jewelry and semijoias, will be an investment. Continue reading

Check Out the Maxi Trend Earrings

The Blogger Escarlyatte Lazar Spoke About The Trend And Gave Tips On How To Use It

After the boom of the maxi necklaces, comes the turn of maxi earrings, a bet for those who want to innovate in Accessories, without having to exaggerate the amount. In the Combined last Saturday, 30, reporter Fernanda Pinheiro hit a chat with Blogger Escarlytte Kurniawan, who talked about this trend that can be used in many different environments, from the most formal to the most deprived. Continue reading

Necklaces That Adorn the Back

At the ceremony of the Oscar winning the 2013, two golden statuettes took the stage to receive their awards with an interesting styling trick: the necklaces worn by they were purposefully backward, adorning the back! Anne Hathaway wore a more classic version, voluminous and close to the neck, while Jennifer Lawrence wore a long and delicate gold-bead and bright, coming down the back. This proposal of the jewel reversed adds glamour and can make all the difference in a production. Continue reading

How to Wear Printed Leggings

1 / Pair leggings with a cute dress. Thread a short summer dress and cotton leggings that complement the color of the dress. The dress and leggings should obviously not be the same color but they must match. If for example the dress has five different colors, choose leggings matched with at least one of these colors. • If your dress is a complex printed, take basic color leggings. • You can also do the reverse. You can wear a basic dress color with patterned leggings and complete your outfit with a solid color scarf.

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How to Dress a Pear Type Body?

What to wear when you have a morphology A?

Morphology A, also named pyramid, is most common in women. You make you as part if you have the top of the menu body (shoulders, chest, abdomen) and plump buttocks and hips, so hip width exceeds that of the shoulders. This silhouette is very feminine judging by the “sexiness” of Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez but it is still necessary to know well the dress. The purpose of dressing the pyramid morphologies is to harmonize the silhouette by drawing attention to the upper body and concealing the shapely bottom. Follow our morphologies and fashion advice for A.

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How to Dress Sexy and Not Sound Cheap

There is a fine line between dressing sexy and vulgar opinion in time to get dressed for trying to impress someone, or to impress yourself. Trust is one of the sexiest things a girl can have and, of course, you should use what you like and what makes you feel good and comfortable. But if you have doubts and lives debating what’s sexy and vulgar, follow these steps:

High heels make a big difference

If you are trying to get dressed so sexy, a good idea can be put the heels (since you can walk in them). High heels can make a big difference in a look and they can enhance their legs without exposing too much skin. If you can’t walk in heels a jump straight can be a good option: they are easier to balance while walking and you can still feel more sexy with them.

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