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Makeup Should Enhance Your Beauty

Departures in sight? No fear! Relying on the travel set with mini-sized samples of most products is the smart thing, they save space and are very comfortable on vacation!

If the suitcase from anxiety is a problem the Travel Kit come to the rescue. By now, more and more brands that make up the wisely designed travel kit for all needs but mainly to save space in your suitcase. From the hair kit shampoo and conditioner to those with eyeliner and mascara, ideal to take with you in case of departures or short trips outside the city.

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9 Things to Know About Eyelash Curler

All we know what the eyelash curler, beauty that tool you need to curl your eyelashes. But how many of you have used it at least once? Maybe in a few. If you want to start, these nine “notions” on the eyelash curler might find useful to know.

You can use it even with mascara

If you use mascara and eyelash curler together You will get some very nice results: first by a piegatina to lashes, then one or two coats of mascara. And you’re perfect!

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Cheap Health and Beauty Products

Every season has its must-have. For the 2015 summer we reveal the makeup products in the hot test, sweat, and especially for all budgets. Discover our selection!

And ‘summer’s here, the trick becomes lighter, it increases the desire to tan, light and above all dare with color.
But if our makeup bag has only more suited to winter, do not worry! We give us straight to targeted purchases and all under 20 Euros.

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Mascara Trick Is So Logical

Her mascara is crumbly over the weeks and is no longer good to apply? This trick solves the problem for ever

With a simple trick you can use fresh mascara

Mascara is one of the beauty products that we use every day. But the more we use them, the more the product changed. Where was initially creamy mascara, which was easy to apply and separated the lashes at the same time and stressed that soon dry and crumbly mascara is left. But there is a simple trick that ensures that you have always mascara in the best quality available. Continue reading