Makeup for Prom

Like any party, graduation, requires a special care with the makeup. We have to be careful with the durability and the harmonious composition of the outfit, because the look will be registered in photos forever.


How to Apply Red Lipstick

Today, the red lipstick is one of the great successes of the makeup. In its various shades possible, it can be used by women with different skin tones and leaves look powerful without much work. But to use it and make beautiful is to know how to apply it correctly. Check out:


Makeup Style of Years 60

One of the more interesting decades in relation to fashion and style has been the Decade of 60, which marked the popular use of the miniskirt, the exaggerated makeup, the hairstyle with hair updo and at the end of the decade if boosted with the hippie movement generating another kind of beauty.


A Duochrome Nail Polish Love

Hello my dears! I am back from the sinking and I am very glad that you have not only remained faithful to me during my little compulsory pause, but that even some readers have come to it. I actually missed the blogging. It is simply a great opportunity to come to other thoughts and write about the beautiful […]