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Tune Up Your Nose and Face with Makeup: Tips Step by Step

Tune Up Your Nose And Face With Makeup-Tips Step By Step

How to tune the nose with makeup is a question that continues to be made. Most women want to be with a thin nose, less wide or upturned and don’t know how.Plastic surgery is a way to sharpen the nose, but in addition to the high cost, the invasive that is difficult for most people, so many of them appeal to the makeup. Continue reading

A Duochrome Nail Polish Love

Hello my dears! I am back from the sinking and I am very glad that you have not only remained faithful to me during my little compulsory pause, but that even some readers have come to it. I actually missed the blogging. It is simply a great opportunity to come to other thoughts and write about the beautiful things of life. Continue reading

High Quality Perfume at Cheap Prices

We Will Tell You What You Should Pay Attention To When Buying Perfumes

Perfume is a welcome Christmas gift. Or not? On this subject, the spirits are divided: one thinks that perfume is a personal and exclusive gift. The others find it impersonal and make it clear that it is rather difficult to meet the taste of the counterpart. In addition, an exclusive fragrance is usually a costly matter, which can not be controlled by every gift budge. We show you how to get the perfect scent, what you should pay attention to when you buy it, and how to make your favorite perfume cheap. We also have the online beauty store point-rouge Spoken : The point-rouge expert will tell you how to give the right scent. Continue reading

AMU Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup: the Song of the Birds

Some blogs I like to read, cooperate with Rouge Bunny Rouge -I’ve seen quite a few looks with the company’s products. In the Glossybox December I had an eye shadow* from the collection of the song of the birds. My rosewood pink nuance is tantalizing Lovebird (number 12). In fact, she is somewhat brighter than it looks on the photo on my screen. Continue reading

Makeup by Evening, the Advice to Avoid Mistakes

Evening make, lots of tips and advice to avoid mistakes, and a lot of ideas to copy for your evening make up.

It is said that a trick by day does not go well for the evening, especially if you don’t have time to go over to the case for a fresh look, but a trick in the evening to go to the Office would literally out of place: for the day, in short, it’s better to focus on the nude make up, in the evening, we may allow ourselves to be carried away by a trick a little more intense. Today we want to give you some tips and some advice to appear at the top and turn a trick from day one. Continue reading

Most Famous Makeup Artists

Here are the five make up artist more than the 2016 trend.

What would we do without make-up artist? Surely more gray and monotonous, not counting the probable fashion industry crisis: on one hand it is true that the dress is all the other makeup is what enhances it, making it unique and original.

But what are the make up artist most famous and popular of the moment? Let’s find out together!

Continue reading