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Emmy: 7 Best Makeup + Hairstyles

The world got an eye on the bigger prize of American television. The Emmy 2016, which happened in Los Angeles, brought together the leading artists series and international programs that we love! In addition to the winners and the main highlights of the event, we Live Beautiful, of course, we’re keeping an eye on actresses who razed in looks for the red carpet. Continue reading

Carnival Makeup Ideas

5 make up Carnival simple but effective to entertain your children.

Just a few days at Carnival and the children are growing impatient to wear your favorite dress.
For a complete and appealing look is important to realize a trick theme, simple but effective.

Let’s see some quick suggestions to make and very welcome for children.

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Latest Fashion Tips for Ladies

If you expected a 2016 fashion irreverent as we have seen in recent years, can come later. This will be the most conservative and traditional fashion period ever seen. There is a post modernism abandonment in fashion and a strong tendency to return to the classics for inspiration in the high couture of the last century and the traditional and minimalist walking quite at hand. You can drop a little extravagance and stay with the traditional.

Fashion Tips 2016 for the Use of Jeans

After the strong wave of colored jeans, one of the biggest bets among the 2016 fashion tips is the traditional jeans wash. Blue jeans 70s style back with everything in at least five shows last fashion week. The focus on traditional washing is so strong that the giant TNG launched an entire collection based on the past with luxury and modern cuts.

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10 Errors Style That Can Make You Look Older

I know that all we always take great care in choosing what to wear. We hardly use a piece of clothing that makes you look fat on purpose, but you’d be surprised at the amount of elements in our daily style that make us look older.
Often it’s not just the vanity that makes you want to look younger, but the fact that you don’t feel “old” inside, so why would we want to disclose an image aged to the world? To have that care in everyday life, here’s a list of 10 things that can make us look older:

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Flawless Makeup All Day

Makeup perfect from morning to night? Learn how to “refresh” makeup and “turn” to be on top at all times of the day.

Morning in the faculty, lunch with friends, shopping tour and aperitif. Office, medical, shopping and dinner with him. Hands up who has never left home in the morning to come back only in the evening.

The result? Tiredness aside, a trick that between smog, sweat and stale air demands revenge, and the stress of having to deal with situations that require a certain standing”untrimmed”. In all senses.

But do not despair. With our beauty tip you will be flawless until the last engagement of the day: Cinderella will seem like an amateur!

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Cheap Health and Beauty Products

Every season has its must-have. For the 2015 summer we reveal the makeup products in the hot test, sweat, and especially for all budgets. Discover our selection!

And ‘summer’s here, the trick becomes lighter, it increases the desire to tan, light and above all dare with color.
But if our makeup bag has only more suited to winter, do not worry! We give us straight to targeted purchases and all under 20 Euros.

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Review Lipstick Sun Kiss-Intense California

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

When I saw that I thought you were packing up, I swear! Without doubt, this is the most intense red lipstick I have ever seen. You know that shade of Red? He is exactly like this! Inspired by the summer, the Sun Kiss lipstick is more a product of the new Intense California collection. Told of the launch Continue reading

You Have No Primer? This Beauty Trick Helps!

Often eye shadow is not as long as we want it. With this eye shadow hack keeps the color not only better but is also more intense

This eye shadow trick is awesome

The makeup trick of the beauty blogger ‘beccaboo 318’ is really awesome. The entire look is not for everyday life at the end of their YouTube videos, but we will definitely make the idea to use a liquid lipstick, called also lip cream, as a basis. Continue reading