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Smart Phone Novelties at Cyberport

New Androids on the Move: Danger for the Samsung Galaxy S3? All are fearing the sales start of the Samsung Galaxy S3 end of May. Samsung has learned from Apple a little and presented this hanger from a smart phone in early May 2012 in a big show. But also the other manufacturers were not idle in recent months and have […]

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Lg V20 As the First Smart Phone with Android Nougat

LG itself has recently announced the launch of the V20, the first smart phone on the market,equipped directly with Android 7 nougat. At first glance, this was a quite courageous project, because some announcements of this kind were already rejected shortly before the goal. But now it seems to be true. Google hochselbst has confirmed that LG is to form the […]

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How to Choose the Best Smartphone for You

You want to make the purchase of a smartphone? Mobile Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry with touchscreen and physical keyboard, we invite you to follow this buying guide that will allow you to compare different models of mobile phones and good pick your smartphone.

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Advantages of LG G Watch

The filtered features LG G Watch reveal that might be facing a really powerful smartwatch In recent days they have leaked a series of characteristics and peculiarities of future smarthwatch LG G Watch , the most serious commitment of the company to gain a foothold in the market for smart watches. Although we still can not confirm the authenticity […]

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LG G5 To Get Snapdragon 820 And Special Sony Camera

Does the manufacturer the G5 of LG again on the Qualcomm chip producers? According to current information from GforGames, the successor of the LG G4 of the Snapdragon 820 to be powered, is expected to early 2016 in mass production. That the Snapdragon 820 will be installed in the LG G5, rumors had suggest already […]

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HTC One Max-Eneren’ve Got Growing Pains (Mobile Test)

TEST: One Max is an overgrown HTC One, which, unfortunately, is not nearly as useful as the critically acclaimed predecessor. First came the HTC One, so a One Mini, and now, according to contemporary trends, have HTC One Max hit the stores. We are talking about a phone that lives on on the award-winning One-design, only […]