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Led in Frankfurt: Light in Building

Light + building: an absolute highlight in Frankfurt! At the light + building event, many buildings and historic buildings of the city of Frankfurt, in the right light are moved each year. The light + building fair is one of the largest events in the area of lighting and lighting installations. Lights are used for the design of the individual light artworks increasingly LED, to reach a particular variety in the choice of colors and at the same time as little as possible to consume energy. Continue reading

Philips Launches New Line of Led Digital Tv Monitor

Adding technology and image quality, Philips Monitors brings to market the new Monitor TV DTV LED line, available in both 21.5 “and 23” inch sizes.The handsets also feature Full HD resolution, as well as an integrated digital receiver.

The lineup also features the exclusive technology of the 20,000,000: 1 Smart Contrast brand, which enhances contrast with incredible black, guaranteed images with vibrant colors and high shadow detailing. Continue reading

Oppo Crosses the Finish Line by 15 Million Smartphones

One of the things that distinguishes Oppo from competition is certainly the adoption of Flash VOOC charging system Charge on their smartphone, thanks to which you can recharge the battery safely and in a few minutes.

Even faster than the solution Quick Charge 2.0 developed by Qualcomm, VOOC Flash Charge recharges of 75% a device Oppo in just 30 minutes, 4 times faster than with traditional Chargers.

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How to Choose LED Bulbs

Choose the led bulb according to his needs

The led bulb is the new generation of bulbs for lighting in the House. Solution Economical and ecological, has led bulb remains an object to the following special features the different existing models. There are indeed several categories of units of led bulbs (including gu10, gu5.3, E14, E27, B22) with powers to replace all types of bulbs.

Today, it is sometimes difficult to make a comparison between the old models of light bulbs and led bulbs because standards have changed (we talk about power in lumen and no more more watt). So we will help you, in a few points, to choose the most economic bulb has led that best suits your interior and exterior lighting needs.

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Radio Control Helicopter Reviews

E-Bestar Big Airplane TZ50

We conclude our top 5 with what I believe to be one of the best models sold online, as well as the best radio-controlled helicopter in absolute blast. Compared to the models treated so far, it is a product of another category that requires a much greater expenditure.

The differences with what has been seen immediately appear evident if we consider the size of this helicopter 1247 mm in length for a height of 355 mm and a width of 231 mm.

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How to Dress a Pear Type Body?

What to wear when you have a morphology A?

Morphology A, also named pyramid, is most common in women. You make you as part if you have the top of the menu body (shoulders, chest, abdomen) and plump buttocks and hips, so hip width exceeds that of the shoulders. This silhouette is very feminine judging by the “sexiness” of Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez but it is still necessary to know well the dress. The purpose of dressing the pyramid morphologies is to harmonize the silhouette by drawing attention to the upper body and concealing the shapely bottom. Follow our morphologies and fashion advice for A.

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Can LED Flashlight Hurt Your Eyes

As today’s LED flashlights are equipped with a high luminosity, we want to give a few instructions when using the LED flashlights here.

Dealing with other people

No lighting other people directly and especially not for a long time in the eyes. This leads always to glare and can also cause permanent damage.

With LED Flashlight with very high luminosity share or special focusing lenses in front of the LEDs, a similar retinal damage can occur, as in the unprotected look into the sun or in a welding flash of a welder.

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