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The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXXV)

That that time ande bounced and you the readers, are each from a different country where the temperature has nothing to do (or other) that we have here in Spain (I write from Madrid, specifically) is seeing some of the street-style of this week is we put, to which we are moving more cold , the willies because seems to be that There are still who refuses to save the summer in the closet. So we have for all tastes and colors: from the point in the thicker version until some daring that still think that shirt and Suspenders are a good bet for the weekend output. Continue reading

How to Sew a Hoodie Jacket

The time has come-the new hoodie pattern RILEY is now online! With thestars Neon Hoodie my Kleenen I had made ​​you pretty hot (and I myself was also quite keen on), so I grabbed the Liv-shirt, made ​​some changes and adapt it to a Hoodie for us Large, Besides Partnerlook version from the last post here also a cool neon part arose.

This we had to also really “Ghetto Underground-standard” pictures-in an underpass with us around the corner. That was really fun!

For that extra bit of coolness figures in college sweater style care. For that I have just used the neon green back from the sweat and by this method applied.

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