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Snap Chat Thank no to Facebook

The fast-growing messaging service, Snap chat, has said no to a purchase offer from Facebook, which otherwise sounded at 17 billion. Crowns.

Facebook has earlier this year tried to buy the popular messaging service, Snap chat, where the messages disappear after a few seconds. But the message service is not for sale-at least not yet–and not for only 17 billion kroner, which was what Facebook welcomed. It writes our site.

Snap chat serves, however, no money, and nor has the prospect of it in the near future, but why is it still set at a staggering billions.

Facebook the other day could present a quarterly accounts, where teenagernes the use of the social network was decreasing. Why could a decrease of Snap chat service have the younger users back in “hands” on Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal does not mean that Facebook is the only one interested buyer. Already have Facebook previously purchased Instagram.

Neither Snap chat or Facebook has wanted to comment on these rumours.

Wines Ready for Windows Phone

With Wines for Windows Phone you can make small loop-videos and share them with your friends.

App-Committee for Windows Phone will be constantly expanded, and popular apps from other platforms, will be in higher degree ported for Windows Phone.

A good example are Wines, which already have been available on other platforms, but which now provides Windows Phone users the opportunity, to do small short video sequences and share them with others, as it is also possible, for example on Instagram.

The different about Wines is the ability to record a series of still pictures, which will be composed for a film that can be shared.

With this way to record on, get the videos a stop-motion-like touch, which gives the short videos their own expression. Try it-download Wines via Windows Phone Large.

Instagram of the Week

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Hello girls, today is Saturday! Thank God, for another week.
Every Saturday, here on the blog has images of the week, selected application instagram. You know that I love doing poems and phrases, due to rush of life, hardly have stopped to reflect and write, for this reason, I will also bring on Saturdays the quote of the week, made by me, and then with all the phrases of the month and public “menupoint geek “.
The quote of the week is: “there are no secrets, everything’s flowing naturally.”

1-Status of the photo: “is that a cuddle sometimes.” the words say it all, take care that you will receive back.

2-Once in a while do funny with my fiancé mounts, things in life as natural as possible, after a while, I keep laughing at berça as I recall.

3-View of the city, on the 8 floor of building that work.

4-Status of the picture: “I was here the whole time, only you didn’t see” moments of reflection. Could it be that you’re giving value that person who is always at your side? Return! This is one of the main ingredients of happiness.

5-Princess lavishing smiles, then knowing how to be beautiful. Love too < 3

6-It’s been 3 months since I use hair dryer, flat iron, or any product that attacking my hair, and I love the result, much healthier and stronger, I feel like he’s feeling much better

7-Some products that I intend to do the review this week, a lot of good, wait!

8-Uruhh! Weekend is here:P

Great weekend, and huge kisses, until

Instagram of the Week


Saturday, October 05, 2013

Hello girls! Been a long time that does not post the week blog, Instagram but from today every Saturday will bring pictures of my week in the calls.
I know the blog just updated from Monday to Friday, but there are 2 blatant for this change; one is that with the new domain purchased by the blog, there was a drop in page views, I expect that, but not the way it was, even brusque doing the redirected the old address, believe me, the blog has lost almost 50% of the views, that happens for a lot of things that just froid or google explain lol. Due to this trouble decided to post on Saturdays not to stay long in off. Continue reading