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Now Comes a Smart Phone from Micrsoft?

Allegedly already first tests of their own Windows Phone 8
A few months ago we had already reported about their own smart phone from Microsoft. At the time, the company from Redmond did not want to know about it and denied the rumor of a self-government-built Windwos Phone 8. According to the motto “What cares me my talk of yesterday.”, The Mircosoft smart phone is now even in the test phase, Reports the Wall Street Journal. The information allegedly comes from official persons of a component supplier whose name does not want to be named. Continue reading

Lg V20 As the First Smart Phone with Android Nougat

LG itself has recently announced the launch of the V20, the first smart phone on the market,equipped directly with Android 7 nougat. At first glance, this was a quite courageous project, because some announcements of this kind were already rejected shortly before the goal. But now it seems to be true. Google hochselbst has confirmed that LG is to form the vanguard of the nougat devices. Continue reading

The Small Titanium

The HTC TyTN II enters in the Smart phone ranking far above – on the fourth rank, the Windows Mobile just missed precious metal.

HTC’s TyTN II, aka HTC Kaiser, occurs in large footsteps. He is the successor of the successful HTC TyTN, who long had in the form of the T-Mobile MDA Vario II held the leading position in the Smart phone ranking at Xonio. Continue reading

HTC Harmony Specifications Leaked

Harmony is in the making with HTC, a Windows Phone device with a design as HTC One.

We have known for a while that HTC is working on a Windows Phone device with a design that resembles the HTC One, however, we have not heard so much it.

New Rumors surfaced, however, that gives some details about the specifications, 4.7 inch LCD display (1080 p), Windows Phone 8 GDR control system, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

These specifications are not a major surprise since the course is reminiscent of HTC One, the device will probably come with Boom Sound, a ultrapixel camera and Beats audio.

Although there’s not much new under the Sun, it is gratifying to see HTC yank on Windows Phone, it may be able to give the operating system even a little push in the right direction.


Overview: Test of HTC One Max, Allan Simonsen Gets Own Application and Samsung Is “King” of Android

Here you can get an overview of the past week’s most read news, which among other things includes the test of HTC One Max.

There is talk about Allan Simonsen ALL places and some hate it others love it. You are one of those who seem to be Allan Simonsen in dancing with the stars and like to go all the way, so is the new application for Android “wild With Allan” certainly something for you.Here you will be voting on Allan no matter how many times the TV 2 change the code.

There are a number of producers on the Android platform, but there is no doubt that it is Samsung that dominates the platform.

John g. has previously praised HTC One in the notification of this and now he has had the HTC One Max under scrutiny, you have the past week could read how it performs through the test.

The week has also featured modest about that LG G Flex comes in trade on the Danish market during the first quarter of 2014.

HTC M8 Launches with KitKat and a 5-Inch Screen

A few rumors about HTC’s next topmodel pointing to a 5 inch screen, KitKat operating system and 3 GB of RAM.

It is still not much we know about the successor to the HTC One, but there has been a bit of rumors. It is launched with Android KitKat can’t get behind on many, it would almost be a matter of course for next year’s top model from HTC.

Further rumored that the phone comes with a Snap dragon 800 CPU, a 1080 p display on 5 inch and 3 GB RAM.

The launch of the new top model is expected to be at CES or Mobile World Congress, or possibly one of the days adjacent to if HTC wants “their own” lanceringsdag.

Telia: iPhone 5S Were Best Selling Phone in October

Apple’s iPhone 5S were put for sale in Denmark on 25. October, but managed nevertheless to be the most sold with Telia-in only 7 days.

iPhone launch in Denmark was in the 25 years. October, but several shops and web shops kept evening opening and started sales at. the night between 00.01 Thursday 24. and on Friday, 25.October.

And this sales start is still something the Danes can suffer. It is also seen on the sales figures. iPhone 5S went directly into a first place as the most sold mobile phone with Telia in the month of October, though it was only on the shelves in seven days. It is also Apple, who sits on both the second and third place respectively with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The new iPhone 5 c is in fact not at all represented in the list. Continue reading

The People Behind the Kazam Will Make It Different from HTC

The new mobile producer Kazam is founded by former HTC-employees, as they agreed they would do things differently-end HTC does.

Michael Coombes and James Atkins are former employees of HTC and now the founders of the new mobile producer Kazam. Background to Kazam is that during their time in HTC sometimes chatted about, that there were things they themselves would do differently.

-“It’s not to say we got frustration rated with the industry, but we question the way things were two started being done and like we all do, (we) would occasionally have a conversation about how we would do it differently,” said James Atkins to our site back in august. Continue reading