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Via Uno Summer Collection

Via Uno has been many years in the market and is known for the quality and beauty of its footwear and accessories such as bags, belts and wallets. Now in 2012/2013, the brand has prepared a collection of summer quite cheerful and full of trends, to make the Brazilian women even more beautiful and powerful, using one of the most beloved by the female audience, the shoes. Continue reading

8 Ways to Incorporate the Tennis in Your Visual

Think tennis is only for use at the gym, or to get some exercise? You’re wrong! These shoes can be incorporated into different looks from day to day and even help to leave more sophisticated pieces that you rarely uses more casual and more practical.
Check out some tips on how to use your sports footwear with the clothes that are in your wardrobe: Continue reading

What Happens if You Wear High Heels Too Long?

The heels are our favorite footwear. Some people wear them only on certain special occasions, and there are those who brings her every day. The heels slender our figure, however,after using them for a long period of time or continued, they have side effects on health. That’s what happens if you often wear shoes with heels.

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Where to Buy Melissa Shoes Cheapest

The shoe company Melissa brings releases and products that are already old and that are already part of everyday life for many consumers, but they’re doing great success and women are parading with the most beautiful models and want more, or those that do not yet have seek products with affordable prices to pocket to riding in style, too. Check out this post where you can find several models Melissa on sale priced cheap enough. Learn more! Continue reading

Women’s Shoes for Winter

Shoes are successful in all seasons. From summer to winter, women are dying to know what’s going to be trend and will dictate the beauty of your feet. And now we’re going to present the 2011 winter shoes fashion. The boots and pumps styles will still blow in this cold season, but who comes with everything even the boots. Continue reading

Buy Shoes Online and Best Shopping Tips Segment

Buy shoes Online, best shopping Tips segment:Ideal for those who are looking for shoes of different brands, models, colors and different prices, we have prepared this matter in order to bring important information about where to buy shoes online, check out our full article to learn more about how to perform this process and save even more on your purchases, are several models, worth checking out. Continue reading

Womens Oxford Shoes

The universe male-to-female, and all with the utmost charm and elegance, so are the Oxford shoes for women, a special line and full of charm that promises to make the visual on the feet of women of all Brazil. With so many models of Oxford shoes for women which won’t miss are reasons to go to as many events to display those beautiful feet.

The Oxford is a shoe company that integrates the history of world industry. She, since 1640, launches shoes and different and was the first to launch on the market the model of shoe tied with laces, one such innovation for the time. Just enough this momentum so that the name of Oxford won featured in fashion.

The Oxford female shoes now come to let women around the world gasped in such innovation. She follows the same trend of closed shoes, tied and rear overlapping the sides.

These new versions of the Oxford women’s shoes now also form part of the wardrobe of a woman who likes to be different and have very good taste. Out of sameness in fashion footwear is to use models of women’s shoes. And so win the classic and stately way that only men possess.

The collection of women’s shoes Oxford simplistically was received. They found the collection too grostesa for the female world marked by softness, beauty and sublimity. Ties, sparkles and softness were things that passed well away from Oxoford shoes for women.

Another detail is that there is nothing cheap a pair of shoes like this. After all, it is made with the best material in leather and with maximum creativity by the brightest shoe designer in the world. If you’re a woman and likes to dare, buy your shoes Oxford and enjoy the beauty of being different, starting with the feet.

The colours of Oxford shoes for mulehres are another great innovation. Simply love line inovarcom vibrant colors like purple, green, pumpkin juice, mustard color and so on so many other colors latent to put even more in evidence either in the event that it is. Buy your and dare!

Melissa Women’s Shoes

Melissa is one of the largest footwear brands in the country, has youthful models and above all comfortable, specially made for the Brazilian’s feet. By accessing the site of the new Melissa collection you can feel that the brand’s desire to innovate. The models were designed for all occasions and all the profiles of girls and women. Melissa had a very positive history with the winning the world Brazilian with his first creations. Meet the following a little bit more about Melissa women’s shoes. Continue reading

Kildare Male Shoes

For modern men and hip fashion trends nothing better than brands that bother leaves them increasingly beautiful and dressed from head to toe. The male universe doesn’t seem to have a lot of options, but if you pass the search and watch all the shows there is the presence of beautiful men showing what will become of trend for each season. The Kildare is linked in all of this, and the universe fashion is an integral part of their releases. Check out the follow shoes male Kildare. Continue reading