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A Preparer Looks Back: Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Preparation

Someone said that”you should just look back to see how much you’ve walked”. This phrase is very useful within the world of preparation, where we only learn through comparison and contrast with past decisions. We read some text on the Internet and then the first thing we do is compare what’s written with our reality, and that’s great. Continue reading

Night Photography

Photography is – as the Greek name origin says – the art of drawing with the light.Curious then realize that often the most beautiful images are not completely illuminated, clear and with bright skies.In addition to the intermediate hours – sunrise and sunset – it is common to find odd photos made at night.Perhaps because of the scarcity of available light, nocturnal photography delights, with its bottoms dotted with dots and traces of headlights. Continue reading

Boxes of Fishing to Fish at Night

Although the most common is to enjoy a beautiful morning to fish, often the night is the best time to do so. Surprisingly, fishing at night has its own problems, as it requires much concentration, ability and a keen sense to catch the fish as possible. A little before the setting of the Sun, and this is the best time to fish form can get ready to begin the tasks of fishing. Continue reading

Review: Thorfire Bl01

Brand: Thorfire
• Model: BL01
• LED: XM-L2
• Modes: 3 modes (high, medium, low) and hidden strobe
• Switch: Rear for ignition, shutdown and changing modes
• Batteries: 8800 mAh Pack (4 batteries 18650 2200 mAh each 1S4P)
• Purchase links: Thorfire and ThorFire AmazonPRESENTACIÓNA then I show the full light equipment to see and let you see when you use your bike or scooter. Continue reading

Best Flashlights Tactics of 2016

Hello fellow Falcon Toledo!

Many times we are undecided in choosing equipment or other, and more considering the overwhelming amount of products on the market. As well, on the web “Infinitepowersolutions” (see original post here) I found a guide with analysis of “The best flashlights tactics of 2016”, and I have entertained in translating it into Spanish for those you need a starting point or reference when it comes to a tactical flashlight. Continue reading

Review: Thorfire C8s


The model that I am going to make the review today is one apparently simple C8 which has struck me very much from the moment that I got the box. This is really the first thing that surprised me, the short period that it took to get me through Amazon Premium and with a pretty good for being a C8 of quality price. In addition a transport, do not post company brought it. Continue reading

Can LED Flashlight Hurt Your Eyes

As today’s LED flashlights are equipped with a high luminosity, we want to give a few instructions when using the LED flashlights here.

Dealing with other people

No lighting other people directly and especially not for a long time in the eyes. This leads always to glare and can also cause permanent damage.

With LED Flashlight with very high luminosity share or special focusing lenses in front of the LEDs, a similar retinal damage can occur, as in the unprotected look into the sun or in a welding flash of a welder.

Continue reading