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Eyeshadow: 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Eyeshadow is omitted like in the daily makeup routine. No wonder – when applying can go much wrong. We show you the most common mistakes and give tips on what you can do better in the future

A beautiful eye shadow is part of a makeup!

Eyeshadow is only really applied, it provides a real wow effect in the face. You’d better go to this error when the makeup: Continue reading

7 Tips for Larger Eyes

The bigger and brighter, the better! We’ll tell you 7 tricks that will make your eyes appear larger

Has Emma Stone naturally large eyes

Beauty trends come and go, but we all-always want big eyes. Some women are so blessed (see Emma Stone or Mila Kunis), but the rest must do a little effort to make bigger impact his eyes. Cosmetics and a few little tricks help us to happiness. We tell you how to get step by step beautiful big eyes. Continue reading