Makeup Style of Years 60

One of the more interesting decades in relation to fashion and style has been the Decade of 60, which marked the popular use of the miniskirt, the exaggerated makeup, the hairstyle with hair updo and at the end of the decade if boosted with the hippie movement generating another kind of beauty.


Eyeshadow: 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Eyeshadow is omitted like in the daily makeup routine. No wonder – when applying can go much wrong. We show you the most common mistakes and give tips on what you can do better in the future A beautiful eye shadow is part of a makeup! Eyeshadow is only really applied, it provides a real […]


7 Tips for Larger Eyes

The bigger and brighter, the better! We’ll tell you 7 tricks that will make your eyes appear larger Has Emma Stone naturally large eyes Beauty trends come and go, but we all-always want big eyes. Some women are so blessed (see Emma Stone or Mila Kunis), but the rest must do a little effort to […]