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Pens of Konad to Remove Cuticle

Konad Cuticle Remover Pen-

The female beauty rituals involve many things and, especially, to achieve them it takes time, patience and dedication, which so often lacking for many women. With the rush of everyday life, do all these things, how to hydrate the body and hair, shaving, take care of the cuticles, hydrate them and painting her nails. Continue reading

Spray Enamel – Practicality to Your Nails!

Get a manicure or make their own nails at home is already a habit for many women around the world. However, with the day to day increasingly incurred, where the woman seeking personal and professional satisfaction if showing a real superhero of everyday life, often lack a small space on the agenda for these small details. For these reasons, a spray enamel was already more than time to be released! Continue reading