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Copenhagen Jewelry Show

More Sense from Copenhagen

There are those who have wondered why we do not have more from trendy Sence Copenhagen, and we’ve actually asked exactly the same question, and now we can finally announce even more amazing Sence jewelry that is designed to suit the modern and fashion-conscious woman. Sence Copenhagen is a fairly young brand but they have taken the world by storm with its Scandinavian jewelery design. This is jewelry that exudes exclusivity and simplicity at the same time. The idea is to make it easy for you to find combinations that you enjoy and that fit your clothes and other accessories.

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Tips to Match Earrings with Different Hair Lengths

Tips for matching earrings with different hair lengths: we have! The beauty blogger Bianca Andrade, known as “Mouth”, explains backstage at the home is how visual can be even more beautiful when combined in the right way. You have a big hair like Bianca? So, pay attention to the hint: “I like to use very large ring. As my hair is really long, is the kind of joke that’s gone.What I don’t like is when there is conflict between the accessories. For example, if I’m with a great earring, use other smaller accessory”. Continue reading

Combine the Look with Jewelry Materials and Semijoias!

If there is one thing that no one can deny is the fact that the jewelry and semijoias give that up in visual. A basic outfit can jump for a sophisticated look in a few minutes adding just a beautiful bracelet with powerful necklace and earrings. To enhance your style and let the look even more beautiful, you can bet on the jewelry and semijoias, will be an investment. Continue reading

Julianne Moore Oscar Dress

Beautiful actress and elegant woman, Julianne Moore loves long dress, but in his spare time, sports outfit easy and comfortable. Let’s find out how to copy the look of the beautiful redhead actress.

Julianne Moore has charmed Hollywood in the drama Still Alice where he  played the part of Alice Howland, a professor of languages ​​who develop Alzheimer’s. Interpretation that has brought our great icon to win the Golden Globe for Best Actress. Julianne, however, has really conquered all, not only for her acting skills but also for his style: chic, impeccable and very elegant.

If you want to copy her outfits, read on!

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Time of Delicate Earrings

After the reign of ear cuffs, those earrings models that involve the whole ear and we show in this post here, now is the small and delicate spinning rims!

Called “ear bling for some sites specialize in fashion, this trend that emerged in the years 90 ‘s coming back with a vengeance, in keeping with the minimalist wave that is gaining more and more space in fashion in recent seasons. Continue reading

How to Wear Lemon Yellow

Get a lemonade is also a way of speaking English: good advice for solving small and large problems that happen every day. You follow the advice and you’ll see, including with regard to your wardrobe

4 Ways to Wear the Lemon Yellow

Wear it is easy, like drinking a sip of lemonade!

  1. Olivia Culpot he declines on the leather jacket and matching shoes. In between, obviously very white.
  2. Reese Witherspoon adds preppy white men’s shirt and shoulder bag.
  3. Kate Hudson makes hyper graph with the cutting of high waisted pants and a black tank top.
  4. Laura Whitmore uses it as a base wallpaper on denim distressed and so much black.

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