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Riviera Club Offers a Spring-Summer Fresh and Classic at The Same Time

Riviera Club It is one of those brands that are not internationally known and insurance that have a smaller number of followers at the commercial level. But nonetheless we must let it pass over, because it’s a collection in general quite wisely when selecting your clothes and a very refined style that focuses mainly on classic cuts without abandoning the splashes of color. A roll quite formal but without forgetting its roots sport and youth. Continue reading

The Best Street-Style of The Week (XXXV)

That that time ande bounced and you the readers, are each from a different country where the temperature has nothing to do (or other) that we have here in Spain (I write from Madrid, specifically) is seeing some of the street-style of this week is we put, to which we are moving more cold , the willies because seems to be that There are still who refuses to save the summer in the closet. So we have for all tastes and colors: from the point in the thicker version until some daring that still think that shirt and Suspenders are a good bet for the weekend output. Continue reading

Fashion for Mature Women

To be always beautiful and stylish for any occasion, the idea is to always highlight the strengths and disguise the weak. This is a rule. It should be even sharper for more mature women. Yes, there are some parts that need a lot of caution when continue being incorporated into the wardrobe of them, an example is the mini skirt. That way, Yes, to continue using, but now in a different way. Want to know how? See below, fashion tips for mature women: Continue reading

Manolo on Indie Fashion Fair in Copenhagen

After going through all the booths at the main fair, CPH Vision, we put ourselves in a taxi and go to the considerably smaller Exhibition Gallery. At this trade fair is the only Scandinavian design, and all compulsive and crowds from the main fair is blown away.
At CPH Vision, to dismiss nine of ten booths as either dammontrar or just pure junk. Here at the Gallery, it is certainly very Lady, too, but the Mr collections are really good. Continue reading

Ideas and Trends for Fall Fashion 2016

Next month, more specifically on day 20, autumn already gives the guys around here, in the southern hemisphere. Autumn is the season of choice for many people. At least in the South and Southeast of Brazil, the climate is more fresh, with more wind, a few days to rehearse a cold winter. Many of the clothes we wear this summer will have to be stored for a while to give way to warmer clothes.So let’s show some fashion ideas for you to inspire for next season:

Black and wine

One of the best combinations of colors for fall. Put a skirt and black pantyhose with a sweater wine and you’ll be ready to go!

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Fashion Trends Autumn Winter 2017

Not only accessories! We go on ahead to the Super to reveal a preview of the autumn-winter fashion collections 2016/2017. Make a note of the coolest brands in circulation and carried out 13!

Bruno Bordese

Surprises with special effects and original details. With its orange tints, fly and copper. Many proposals in the collection, from biker high, passing through the amphibian or black leather flat but leaving everyone speechless oversized wedges are clearly inspired by Japanese, already in the summer collection but presented now with multicoloured fur and sole tank.

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10 Errors Style That Can Make You Look Older

I know that all we always take great care in choosing what to wear. We hardly use a piece of clothing that makes you look fat on purpose, but you’d be surprised at the amount of elements in our daily style that make us look older.
Often it’s not just the vanity that makes you want to look younger, but the fact that you don’t feel “old” inside, so why would we want to disclose an image aged to the world? To have that care in everyday life, here’s a list of 10 things that can make us look older:

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Cold-Proof: Prepare Your Wardrobe for Winter

Thursday, August 18, 2016

When the temperature starts to download, take a moment to rearrange your closet is extremely necessary. But, how to prepare to face the cold production can be a little stiff, broke up some simple tips on clothes for winter, check!

In winter, the lingerie gets the company of other parts considered “underwear”, as in the case of second skin and tights, for example. These parts heat up well the body without creating much volume, ideal for creating looks more elaborate and/or using summer clothes.

One or two pieces of each item should be sufficient for a winter wardrobe well prepared.
Sweaters and Cardigans

Depending on where you live, light jackets, like the sweater and Cardigan, may be sufficient to pass the winter. Now, if you live or visit a coldest city, they can be used with overlays of other pieces, to make the production more warm.

These pieces can be purchased according to your need, but remember that smooth models and basic tones are more versatile, allowing the creation of different productions.
Jackets and Parkas

The jackets can be used to compose looks amazing! There are a myriad of models of parkas and jackets for women: leather, denim, tweed, bomber, sport, embroidered, printed, and more.

The tip is to invest in more models match the clothes you already have and with your personal style, but it is recommended to always have at least a basic model (such as jeans or leather) in the closet, because they are real Jokers.

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