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Ben Hill on The Cover of Elle Men of Mexico

Not very many men’s fashion paper publications, although those that exist tend to be quite acceptable. However (and forgive my ignorance), until today I have not discovered the existence of a Mexican publication of Men Elle. The first contact I had could not be better, since the model appears in the November issue Ben Hill with one military coats in the Super collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 Burberry Prorsum. Continue reading

“It Bags” for Baby

Today I will open a new tag here on the blog; “Top Products”.

One of the items that we use for a long time and that’s just one child to the other are the bags. Already commented here on the blog that these bags with white face of baby stuff doesn’t have much to do with me. But how are practical and easy to clean, are always a good option and at the end are the ones I use myself. Continue reading