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Tune Up Your Nose and Face with Makeup: Tips Step by Step

Tune Up Your Nose And Face With Makeup-Tips Step By Step

How to tune the nose with makeup is a question that continues to be made. Most women want to be with a thin nose, less wide or upturned and don’t know how.Plastic surgery is a way to sharpen the nose, but in addition to the high cost, the invasive that is difficult for most people, so many of them appeal to the makeup. Continue reading

Emmy: 7 Best Makeup + Hairstyles

The world got an eye on the bigger prize of American television. The Emmy 2016, which happened in Los Angeles, brought together the leading artists series and international programs that we love! In addition to the winners and the main highlights of the event, we Live Beautiful, of course, we’re keeping an eye on actresses who razed in looks for the red carpet. Continue reading

Cheap Health and Beauty Products

Every season has its must-have. For the 2015 summer we reveal the makeup products in the hot test, sweat, and especially for all budgets. Discover our selection!

And ‘summer’s here, the trick becomes lighter, it increases the desire to tan, light and above all dare with color.
But if our makeup bag has only more suited to winter, do not worry! We give us straight to targeted purchases and all under 20 Euros.

Continue reading

Blush Stick Review Summertime Intense California

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I was super excited to try the Blush Summertime new Intense California collection. He is one of those mega practical products that deserve space on necessaire. With only one application, the three colors of the staff guarantee contour, color and lighting. The proposal is surprising in? Continue reading

How to Apply in Different Formats of Face

Sunday, March 27, 2016

He is an ally, all you know, but who’s not afraid of making mistakes in blush? To the Ambassador of Brazil in, the Balm makeup artist Fernanda milk, it is not necessary to do drama or stop using the product for fear. The main tip is to try, just so you can be sure what is best for each face. “I believe that with respect to the color also there is no hard-and-fast rule, just make good sense. The right color is the one that makes you happy, “says the make up artist. Continue reading