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A Preparer Looks Back: Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Preparation

Someone said that”you should just look back to see how much you’ve walked”. This phrase is very useful within the world of preparation, where we only learn through comparison and contrast with past decisions. We read some text on the Internet and then the first thing we do is compare what’s written with our reality, and that’s great. Continue reading

Tips for Walking the Camino De Santiago

Get To Know Important Details For Those Who Want To Ride The Pilgrims’ Route

The Way of Saint James is the route taken by the pilgrims who have come to Santiago de Compostela since the 9th century to venerate the relics of the apostle Santiago Maior, whose supposed tomb is in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. There is a lot of information available for anyone who wants to walk the Camino de Santiago but there is not a site or site that gathers everything you will need.

Of the many existing “Camino de Santiago”, what is most traveled by Brazilians is the so-called French Way, which leaves Sant Jean Pied Port.

We did this bike ride and then we give tips about our experience: Continue reading

5 Tips To Start Cycling In The City

Each time we see more bicycles in Portuguese cities, mainly in Lisbon and Porto. Citizens who go to work, schools or universities and who choose the two wheels (without motor) for travel. We in LiAM we’re fans and we’re happy to be everything that allows us to live the cities with a more human scale, as is the shift of bike on a daily basis.

Thus, on the eve of the CM Lisbon start putting the network of shared bikes in town (with and without motor), we ask an expert in the field of bicycles in the city which the 5 tips to start cycling in Lisbon. See whatJohn Camolas, owner of the Velocité has to say: Continue reading

How Choose Travel Backpack

The choice of a travel backpack is a difficult task due to the wide variety of models, brands and existing types. But you always have to think well what you want to buy because, as in so many other things, what cheap is expensive and the most expensive does not have to be the best and most suitable for final use that we’re going to give. Continue reading

How to Wear Lemon Yellow

Get a lemonade is also a way of speaking English: good advice for solving small and large problems that happen every day. You follow the advice and you’ll see, including with regard to your wardrobe

4 Ways to Wear the Lemon Yellow

Wear it is easy, like drinking a sip of lemonade!

  1. Olivia Culpot he declines on the leather jacket and matching shoes. In between, obviously very white.
  2. Reese Witherspoon adds preppy white men’s shirt and shoulder bag.
  3. Kate Hudson makes hyper graph with the cutting of high waisted pants and a black tank top.
  4. Laura Whitmore uses it as a base wallpaper on denim distressed and so much black.

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Arctic Fox Outdoor Wear

The Arctic Fox has one of Europe’s leading role in outdoor clothing and products. The company was founded in 1950 by the Swede Åke Nordin is not less than 21 countries. The goal of the Arctic fox is moving from the urban Wilderness easier and more fun especially with their products.Quality is important, and it shows in their products. The Arctic fox is recognizable by the distinctive Swedish flag that their products the_last_snake

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