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Male Country Hat: See Models and How to Choose

When one thinks of country style soon associates to the figure of an American cowboy. The mistake of the previous phrase is that the cowboy is not an American heritage, it actually comes from northern Mexico and with its own familiar style: tight trousers, lace skills and especially the country hat. Continue reading

The Maxi’s Most Beloved by Bloggers Earrings

The maxi earrings can be found of various kinds:gold, silver, bronze, bathed, veneer, with Rosemary-lime gold or rhodium, with beads, feathers, wood and other materials, are endless possibilities of combination in the accessory itself, so that every woman can adopt the style that you like most and to which combine within the your production. Continue reading

The Brand of Shoes, Luiza Barcelos, Invades the Salvador Carnival

The brand of shoes, bags and accessories Luiza Babu has already guaranteed presence in the Bahian Carnival of 2017. Inspired by the atmosphere of revelry and focused on the power of woman who explodes in this which is the largest party in the country, the designer Luiza Babu has created a unique flip flops for the season. Continue reading

Women’s Hooded Jackets

For the winter season there is nothing better than a good sweater. These serve to keep body temperature warm, insulate all heat possible and keeps for a long time. The coats and jackets are so essential for the cold season. To choose the correct we should look for models that we like them, we like colors and styles that are fashionable. This accessory in many coats that never go out of style is the hood, this in addition to often bring more beauty to the model, just protecting who uses the low temperature in the face, because it helps protect against cold winds and temperature isolation in the area. Continue reading

Tips to Match Earrings with Different Hair Lengths

Tips for matching earrings with different hair lengths: we have! The beauty blogger Bianca Andrade, known as “Mouth”, explains backstage at the home is how visual can be even more beautiful when combined in the right way. You have a big hair like Bianca? So, pay attention to the hint: “I like to use very large ring. As my hair is really long, is the kind of joke that’s gone.What I don’t like is when there is conflict between the accessories. For example, if I’m with a great earring, use other smaller accessory”. Continue reading

Combine the Look with Jewelry Materials and Semijoias!

If there is one thing that no one can deny is the fact that the jewelry and semijoias give that up in visual. A basic outfit can jump for a sophisticated look in a few minutes adding just a beautiful bracelet with powerful necklace and earrings. To enhance your style and let the look even more beautiful, you can bet on the jewelry and semijoias, will be an investment. Continue reading

Meajudajojo, Edited Skirt

I had promised, there on Instagram (@mourajo) that the#MeAjudaJojo would post yesterday, I know. But I was late was not deleixo, I swear. I feel last night in front of the computer, I chose the play of the day and started researching combinations while Friends echoed softly on Tv out front. When I looked at the clock again was 4 in the morning and I hadn’t blinked your eyes, such was the excitement with the looks they were finally taking shape on the screen. Forced myself to sleep. Nothing I write to that point was going to make a lot of sense. So now, after an early morning, return to my position in front of the computer. Continue reading

10 Keys to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Do you dream of a floaty dress that enhances your waist and illuminate your eyes? Would you like a classic suit with a long tail and a lace veil? Or you are thinking about something more daring, like a pencil skirt and a great neckline in the back? Either way the dress of your dreams, shops professionals will know to guide you and help you find who you are looking for. Takes note of these tips, very useful to start taking decisions. Continue reading