Tableware With Charm

El Corte Inglés want to help us give charm to our tables, and this presents elegant compositions with swabbing with much charm. You have elements of different companies such as Santa Clara, Jay, By Table or La Rochere.

This elegant image is composed of elements from several firms. Both dishes bowls and plain, and the oval fountain, belong to the Santa ClaraVolvoreta collection. Each one of the units of dishes has a price of 4,90 euros, while the source can acquire it for 25 euros.

The Golden cutlery belongs to the collection By Renacenca Table and 16 pieces compose it. Full cutlery is priced at 75 euros. Finally, the glassware belongs to the Lyonnais La RochereAmethyst collection.The glasses of wine are priced at 6.20 euros the unit, while low vessels can buy them for 5,50 unit.

In the image below we find cutlery collection By TableRenascença, but this time in matte steel. Full cutlery also consists of 16 parts and is priced at 39 euros.

Glassware on this occasion belongs to the firm Rogaska, and part of the Discobolus collection. Both the cup of water, as the wine and cava are priced at 16 euros the unit.

The graphite colour tablemat belongs to Walther Glass. It has a diameter of 34 cm. and priced at 14.30 euros. Finally, table-ware belongs to the collection By Table Bone China and is priced at 6.90 euros the unit bowls or plain dishes, and 32,90 oval fountain.

Elegant tea set which presents By Table, belonging to the collection of Bone china Silver Ring. In terms of prices, the plain, deep dishes are worth 5.90 EUR unit, 4.90 Bowl, 5.90 Cup of tea with the dish, and 6.90 the milkmaid.

Glassware belongs to the firm Stölzle, within its Exquisit collection. The glass of Bordeaux has a price of 4.95 unit. The cutlery are loose pieces of the Jay Palladium collection. Bottle porcelain decorated also belongs to Jay, and you can find it in 4 different designs. It is priced at 5.95 euros.

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