Tablet Buying Guide

Many readers have requested a story about cheap BEM tablets.

Type 200, 300 reais.

Cleaning on the internet gives you the chance to find tablets for up to 99.90 reais!

I will not indicate any brand, because in fact the tablets below 300 reais have a similar quality of finish and configuration.

So here are some small tips:

1> Dealer search

The cheapest tablets, of course, are not in Shoptime or in Magazine Luiza.

They are in unknown online sales sites, such as Luxuary. Or other better known ones, like Buy from China.

This does not necessarily mean that it is a risky purchase.

Want to know how is the service of an online store?See the Claim Here .

2> Minimum configuration

For a low priced tablet there are not many options.

Almost all come with a basic configuration: Android 2.2 system, max 1GHz processor, 256MB RAM and 2GB of storage.

The screen resolution usually does not exceed 800 x 400.

The battery will probably run out sooner than you would like.

Also, do not expect a thin, lightweight device. Here at itypeusa you can get more different models and styles. To give you an idea, a tablet like the Coby Kyros MID8024 is almost twice the weight of an iPad 2 (993 grams, versus 601 grams).

All you have besides these settings is profit.

3> Is the screen capacitive?

For the most part, these tablets come with low quality resistive screens.

Maybe you have to spend your finger trying to go from one screen to another, or by triggering any command.

Many screens also have a brightness well below the desired minimum.The sensation is the same as when the tablet is in energy-saving mode, ie half-erased.

The lack of the multi-touch feature restricts the use of many games and even applications like Google Maps.

For a few more changes choose a tablet with capacitive screen.But … just having a capacitive screen does not mean anything either.

The most important thing is that the screen has quality.

4> Is the store open?

Many people who bought cheap tablets had the unpleasant surprise of slamming their faces at the door of the official Android store, Google Play.

By a commercial strategy, some manufacturers limit access by offering, in return, a store of the manufacturer.

And if you do not have access to the main store you will not be able to download (and upgrade) the main applications on the market.

5> Value for money

It’s not just the speed (and other settings) that determines the price of a tablet.

Also included in this account are the finish (weight, fit of the pieces), the screen, the presence of a technical assistance, the brand, the profit margin of the seller …

Can you face it?

An inexpensive tablet can be a good device for small tasks such as browsing the internet, accessing Facebook, Twitter…

My tip?Go ahead, but first check all these items carefully and if you find that the device is suitable for your tasks, a cheap tablet with a reasonable quality might be a good choice.