Table Markers for The Crisis

Receive can become an art. Offer an evening to our loved ones is a good opportunity to display some touches of Protocol, that Yes, without apabullar to the guest. Sometimes it is convenient to mark the places on the table to balance the gathering, and there are for this purpose many markers on the market, from the most luxurious to the simplest.

If Magenta brought us recently some economic markers made with fruits and leaves, we see today a minimalist, inexpensive solution and original. It is designing beautiful cards that fit between the tines of the bondholders. So easy and a great result, without spending a euro.

It would be a detail very appreciated that card out carefully designed, can make it by hand, decorated with leaves, seals, or drawings, or designed with the computer and printed on paper. Surely if it is made with love, a guest is it stored in your pocket to have a souvenir of the evening.

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