Table Decorations for Dining Table

Those who do not feel well while eating at a table pretty?

A stylish detail can make any meal an interesting experience.

And, get someone to eat in a decorated table can be a very pleasant ritual for a good host.

The decoration of the table is something that is becoming more and more popular.

No matter the meal! Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner … In any situation, you can create a whimsical table.

The dining area can be a lot more fun than you think. There is no doubt that a well decorated table does anyone feel more pleasure to taste the food.

An object of decoration that makes the greatest success at the dinner table is the sousplat. Read su-plá. The sousplat is that larger dish used to trim all the other dishes. Sousplat comes from the French and means originally under plate (sous-plat). Charger and service plate are the expressions in English to placemat.

They add texture, color and pattern to the table. The utility is decorative. Also, help to protect the towel/the table and do not leave the plates slide on the table.

Some say they are useful for trimming that food that “jump” out of the top plate. Will be?

Food should never be served directly at the placemat. And, when the time for dessert, the label professionals recommend that placemat be removed from the table.

There are various styles and types of placemats. The trends are: placemat of rattan, placemat gold, silver placemat … The placemat of mdf coated with fabric are also on the rise.

The placemat of fabric is pure creativity. Imagine using the circle of MDF and each dinner use a different fabric?

And, the colors make all the difference in the decoration. The placemat adds rhythm to the table. It is often combined with the color of the napkins, along with other objects (flower arrangement, flower color, candlesticks …). It is possible to combine colors and create contrasts.

Neutral colors can be combined with almost any other colors. If there is any doubt on how to combine, choose classic colors and neutral. Can’t miss!

The placemat is doing so well that it is not restricted only to the decor of the dining room table! Brides have come to adopt him in wedding decor. And, really, the placemat makes all the difference in the decoration of this kind of party!

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