Switch Now to uTorrent: Downloads are 16% Faster

If you use uTorrent to download files distributed through the protocol BitTorrent P2P, you can consider at least 16% faster than other people who use applications Torrent different. That’s what a study produced by the University of California and Telefonica Research (research body related to connection problems held by the Spanish Telefónica).

To reach this conclusion, the researcher Mario ILIOFOTOU team looked nothing less than habits of 10 million BitTorrent users. In the match were the very uTorrent and Vuze (formerly Azureus). The two programs account for approximately 75% of the use of Torrent in the world (excluding China).

The 600 most popular torrents from Pirate Bay were used as a way to test connections. After a month recording the behavior of downloads, they chose a week and were toanalyze the data.

We as champion uTorrent. The application (Open source, by the way) has averaged 176 Kbps download speed. Already Vuze, poor man, gives Barrichello and go a little more slowly, has average speed of 151 Kbps. It should be noted that the same torrents and the same suppliers were used in the analysis.

One of the reasons for uTorrent be faster, according to the researchers, is the community. By having more users, the uTorrent has just naturally have a higher upload speed. In second place, Vuze is less upload capacity, and so it is more leisurely.

So just download uTorrent and enjoy the progress the maximum speed of the songs in the public domain and videos without copyright you will download.