Swimwear Parah Summer

Here are pictures of the proposed huge Parah for swimwear designed for the Summer 2011. We speak of a very varied line, including costumes whole, bands, bikini, triangles and cups, sees develop an idea of different femininity depending on your needs, taking advantage of all the must haves and fashion trends of the moment, in bright colors combined in the imagination of the year, the color block, the models in which to dominate is a trend more classical, not to mention the lines and tints dedicated to customers from more aggressive, even rock some ways. In short, there is something for all tastes.

The ideas in the swimwear industry are many, there will have noticed, and together we have already seen the most purely juvenile collection of Miss Sixty and Killah in which to dominate are brightly colored and imagination dell’animalier, and finally to a line more sober but always glamorous as that of Liu Jo on Cheeroutdoor. Parah combines various dictates of current fashion, you’ll notice flipping through the images in the gallery: beautiful swimsuits in classic or asymmetrical cut is colored in shades of the season, or choose to focus on another must-have, lines and geometric shapes.

Bikini, simple bands or with cups, triangles and minitriangoli follow the same direction fashion, using all sorts of reasons, imagination and forms, to celebrate a silhouette enhanced and made ​​terribly cool thanks to targeted color choices.Tell us which one you prefer!