Super Mario Run: Game Guide for The Runner from Nintendo on Android

Already we have here a Super Mario Run with his adventures, his appearance “runner” and their handmade designed levels so you play them over and over again until you manage to eliminate all the enemies, you get all the coins and get all its characters.

Super Mario Run premiered on Android with version 2.0 which brings more characters and some cosmetic novelty for Yoshi, more what is another for the part ‘free’ of the game. We will help you to bring forth all the juice possible great Mario with this game guide.

What Super Mario Run?

Super Mario Run is a runner levels designed by hand that You’ll have to play again and again until you get all the coins roses and kill all the enemies.

You’ll get all kinds of rewards in return, that will allow you to go rebuilding part of your Kingdom to access new characters or those races in which you can deal with other players. Yes, the game of Mario on Android have multiplayer.

Mario It consists of a series of basic movements most who performs it automatically. You have to focus on making combinations to reach all the corners of the levels and use the ‘bubble’ when you die or when you want to go back in time to pick up some currency that you have left behind. Say that you will have a time limit to pass each level, so time is of the essence.

The first game of the great protagonist of the Japanese company It brings us the essence of what has always been on the various consoles, although adapted to the times today in the mobile, the “runner” and the option to add to your friends from social networks to compete against them.

Automatic frog hop

One of the qualities, and that their criticism has been, it is that Mario is responsible for jump automatically on some smaller obstacles and enemies that will try to put the difficult things.

Let’s say that Mario has been with all those endless runners we have played on Android and has learned basic movements, so that you thus centres on the pirouettes will have to give and those stunts of great jumping Mario

The normal jump

When you click on the screen, you’ll get Mario to perform a basic jump. ES the movement that more you are going to go through your journey with the first mobile of the great Mario game.


A long press takes us to an impulse extra in the jump of the specialized Mario in these conflicts. With this skill you can reach those coins that the normal jump will stay well short.

Flying spin

Maneuvers that are able to Mario are some well appreciated and the ‘flying spin’ allows us to lengthen the jump horizontally.

Only have of Press again in the middle of the jump so Mario make this nice and important aerial acrobatics.

Jumping corkscrew

Maneuvers that are able to Mario are some well appreciated, and the corkscrew jump allows us to extend the jump horizontally.

Only have of Press again in the middle of the jump so Mario make this nice and important aerial acrobatics.

Also, in the right time that Mario is about to jump, you will be able to perform various stunts that will depend on if you keep pressing prolonged or not. You can paste a good jump in this way to pick up that pink coin that escapes you.

Climbing jump

All these skills as a whole are capable of granting great power great Mario, and if we add climbing hop, just when he touches a wall, you can jump from one side to another to access difficult areas.

The timing in Super Mario Run

Nintendo has been a source of inspiration to teach the rest of studies of video games, which is the key to a good platforms in the timing right to stick jumps and the different obstacles.

Approaching the edge of a platform, or hit two enemies behind another once in an explosive combination, can lead to let better face those obstacles that we will. ES essential practice for squeezing this quality Mario games.

It collects all the coins and kill all the enemies

Has been said about Super Mario Run that it is well easy, pass levels safe Yes, but get all currencies rose and those of other color in more difficult places, it is where is the difficulty and one wonders This Nintendo game, as that occurred with the other Mario.

In Super Mario Run We will have to repeat levels to get all the five special coins of each level with which will get tickets for the race of Toads or buy items for our realm such as the mini-games home

We must be aware that the colors of the coins will change from pink to purple, and black according to go climbing in the levels.

As regards the enemies, more delete more level you will get and at the same time greater rewards and benefits, so do not let you to none behind.

Not too retrocedas with bubble

Mario Run has a striking option than It allows the player to rewind at the level, so the opportunity to pick up this pink coin or that large amount of coins can be obtained.

They really are two lives you will have at your disposal mandatory if you die or manually so that you use it to make Mario back in level.

What happens is that the timer will continue its course While standing on the bubble, so you’ll have to measure either the time to not stay without the and can not finish the level.

It uses the weapons you have in your favor

Mario has an arsenal in his hand, but it can take advantage of some objects that will get them from launching it well away, such as those boxes that indicate an address in particular.

Normally they are wisely placed to facilitate the transition for those platforms which can be tremendously difficult to traverse them, if we don’t know the advantage in our favor.

Break blocks

But coming well that a Super Mario Run time “kit kat”, do not you think? You can easily use one of those blocks of pause that Mario will remain quiescent and stationary.

The importance of this block is that It will also stop the finds back of clock, so you can plan the next hop or passage of the great Mario.

The combined jumps

One of the strengths of the Mario, were the combo jumps to fall on the shell of a turtle, throw a platform and that us to meet again for another jump.

Super Mario Run has these combinations of jumps that will more than be vital to confront the most difficult moments of the game.

Attentive to the careers of Toads

The careers of Toads are one of the “healthier” ways to give a break and collect these Toads which will allow us to unlock all rewards.

The main objective in these races is perform all maneuvers and tricks possible so go getting more Toads and beat the opponent player who will try to do the same.

Having the option to choose the opponents, we have of be working and not getting to the most difficult until we have sufficient skill acquired, since if we lose it, it will be the same with the Toads that we have been collecting.

Remember to take advantage of the gold rush to go collecting all the coins It will fall from all over.

It collected for Toads and unlock all characters

We will be able carry the Toads into our Kingdom that will allow that we can acquire houses for more characters for all known.

  • Luigi: you need 150 green Toads and 150 purple Toads to your home
  • Blue Yoshi: 50 red Toads and 50 blue to have Yoshi home
  • Green Yoshi: 30 Toads red and 30 yellow
  • Yellow Yoshi: 300 blue Toads, 300 green and purple 200
  • Purple Yoshi: 150 blue Toads, 150 green and purple 150
  • Red Yoshi: 9999 red Toads and 1000 yellow
  • Toadette: 200 red Toads, 200 blue and 200 green for your home
  • Princess Peach: If you manage to beat all the levels of the “World Tour” mode, you will have it for you

Spend a while in your Kingdom for garnish

You will have your Kingdom as the plain in which you can add the houses of the characters and all kinds of decoration you have that moment “The Sims” or “There are Day”.

The coins will allow you to unlock these decorations in the shape of mushrooms, tree style “Mario”, canons of fireworks, the various houses of the characters of Super Mario Run and much more.

The mini-games

Super Mario Run has several mini games that you can access through the various houses. These will be activated every X hours.

One of them will take you through a series of galleries that you have two doors that you will have to choose where to go the great Mario. The difference between one and the other will be the coins that you collect.

Hint: get all the coins purple tutorial to get your first mini House game

You know the strengths of each character

Another of the qualities of Super Mario Run is that each of the characters that you can use has a number of different skills, giving greater depth to the content of the game.

Luigi is able to paste the biggest jump, Yoshi and Peach can stay “floating” in the air for as long and Toad and Toadette are “runners” or sprinters Mario Run.

Link your Nintendo account and get to Toad

Nintendo has a nice surprise If you link your Nintendo account in Super Mario Run. You can create it with Facebook or use which have Miitomo.

Go to Toad and get it. Longer have to return to your Kingdom and Click on the gift box to unlock it. Will be this same box which you will have to press to collect some special rewards

Social networks are waiting for you with your friends

Super Mario Run also includes the possibility to Add to friends on social networks as Facebook or Twitter, and that allow you to play with them at the races Toad.

Nothing better than having the great Mario or some of the characters unlocked for take a few races with our friends you will also fall in the magic of this Nintendo title.

Optimize battery consumption

You can optimize battery consumption down the rendering settings and the game’s graphics. You can change it from settings and options for modifying them to low quality in the two parameters.

The Super Mario Run free

Super Mario Run has come in its version 2.0 on the same day of its release, and this means that we can unlock the world 1-4 If recruits to 100 Toads in races and collect 15 coins roses.

This is the free aspect of this game that lets you play four levels in total. If you already like to choose the rest of worlds, you will have to proceed to checkout with a single payment of €9,99.

Super Mario Run has taken much criticism for that price, but offers to change some qualities which can not be found in other video games, as it is have the spirit of the Mario on your smartphone and that is adapted to the mobile today, with regard to the “runner” appearance and the ability to play online.

Super Mario Run2.0.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.2
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Action