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When I was packing for the snow I was afraid of not taking enough clothes and be cold, but now that I’m back from 6 days off, I can tell which effectively used.Who knows won’t help you for when you have the opportunity to travel to somewhere friozão.

I traveled in late April, then in the United States, it was spring. To give you an idea, in Denver, the city where we arrived, was with temperature around 20 degrees, very quiet. Already in Vail, which is in the middle of the mountains and loud, the temperature ranged from-6°C and 18°C, which complicates the life of those who are not willing to carry the whole House in the trunk.

For Fresh Days

In this category the temperature around 10 degrees C, which is not enough to be a cold stoolie, but also you can’t leave arms out on the street. At that time I wore those thick socks, which can be of zillions of wires or those forradinhas who have already commented here on the blog. The lined heat up more. Also bet on boots, jacket and coat. Beneath all this gives up to wear a dress or short sleeved shirt because, everywhere we go in, the heater is a thousand, so we always hot with too many clothes.

As in Curitiba is super cold, have some heavy wool coats, but if you are too cold and have a little money saved, it pays to buy outside, those chubby coats and lined. Even better if it’s waterproof. They are not the most beautiful and fashion in the world, but heat up much more than the best coat we find here.

Below Zero

Forget the dress, the business here will be to make layer upon layer of warm things. Only faced that temperature in a day trip and it went to boot, forradinha, thick leging panty, second skin, Wool Sweater, jacket lined, glove and protector for the ear. You can still bet on a scarf and a bonnet. Remember, if you go for a walk and stay on the street, will face the icy blast. But every time I go into a coffee shop or a store, will die of heat on heating. The trick is to have layers! On this day we walk through the city and ended up snowing, I was happy to be with the jacket waterproof, so you don’t get wet and I just stopped cold in the face.LAUGHTER

For Skiing

The mountain is cold, but we move enough loading equipment and falling down the Hill. Had a couple of hours until I was hot-but remember that we were already at the end of the snow season. Here at 800zipcodes you can get more different models and styles.

The recommended here is betting on thick panty or second skin, pants lined, waterproof, blouse second skin and big coat and waterproof lined. If you are very very cold, a light jacket be intermediary also.

Don’t forget your gloves waterproof, because trust me, everyone falls down a lot and having something between your skin and the snow is a good idea. If you do not have waterproof clothing and do not want to invest in it, no problem, but every time I fall or snow, your clothes will get wet and start to feel very cold. To take a invernão, and scarf. Ski boots, helmet and equipment are rented all together.

Don’t forget the sunglasses and spend a lot of sunscreen. The snow reflects the light like a charm and is two sticks to burn.
For those who go to the Atacama, here is a very complete post with tips of what to take on her trip.

What I Took And Effectively Used

To help, here is a short list of what I took and used even for the trip of 6 days in late April, early spring, to Vail in Colorado in the United States. This trip was skiing, walk in the city and also more clean-cut dinners, so I had to take things more cute and other warmer.

-1 boot crew socks
-1 boot above the knee (a boot just for use with pants and dress is enough, freaked out here!)
-1 sneaker
-4 black lined pants socks
-2 thin black pants socks
-1 dress
-2 little monkeys (freshness to not repeat them on dinner, but a I could)
-2 t-shirts
-1 thick tissue legging
-1 warm fleece sweater
-1 waterproof pants (bought)
-1 heavy waterproof jacket (bought)
-2 heavy coats I’ve ever had (I think only 1 was enough, because after I bought the jacket, just used this to go out at night)
-1 pair of gloves
-CAP or ear protector
-1 bag that matches all the clothes
-1 small backpack

Don’t forget: sunglasses, sunscreen and moisturizer to body, lips, face and everything. The air is very dry in Vail. If I missed something, tell me in the comments! Let’s help!

Price Of The Coats And Pants For The Friozão

As we arrived in the spring, we found several promotions of warm clothes. In Vail and Breckenridge does not have a variety of stores, for example, you don’t find a Forever 21 close. But there’s plenty of sports clothing store with specific models for snow. The large lined coats and raincoats cost more or less $150, but the promotion, get out for $30. The same with lined pants and raincoats, which cost on average $80 and were for $25 on sale. The second skin was thin blouse for $10. If you go skiing and needs of these specific clothes, also for rent at shops near the ski station.

If you travel to a larger city, is worth a trip to the mall to find a warmer coat. It does not need to be of those specific to skiing and will certainly cost a lot less than in a Sports store.

For those who doesn’t like posts, can rest assured that has already come back with the reviews, I just need to get organized around here.