Sunglasses for Sports with Prescription

Sunglasses offer many advantages for the sporting or otherwise move the man. Not only beautiful and sunny weather, but even when it is cloudy and dark. This is because both the frames and lenses are arranged to sports use under a variety of conditions and types of weather.Because an ordinary sunglasses can not knock it. However, it is important to pay attention to what you need glasses for any activity. Although it is a base model, in principle, requires a lot of practice to special glasses.Apart from this, there is a choice of different types of sports sunglasses. Article arrangement

  • Why not ordinary sunglasses?
  • The benefits of sports sunglasses
  • The framework of sports glasses
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Lenses from UV rays
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare
  • The right glasses for each sport
  • The right size
  • Sport Goggles
  • Buy-in: Internet or shop

Why not ordinary sunglasses?

Why is an ordinary sunglasses are actually not as handy as you exercise? For this, for the following reasons.

  • He is still bad. The regular sports people know that ordinary sunglasses easily slip out of your nose when you’re busy. When they fall, they will then another simple piece as well.
  • The lenses give problems. In various sports makes glass an ordinary glasses problems. They can, for example, suppressants or that do not provide a satisfactory high contrast through the substrate. Many ordinary sunglasses also protect little or no UV radiation, as in a number of sports activities can lead to eye diseases.

The benefits of sports sunglasses

Compared with ordinary sunglasses sunglasses for sport has the following advantages:

  • A custom frame. The idea of a special sunglasses is that it is both sturdy and comfortable stay in your nose. In addition, he must be able to withstand intense activity to absorb sweat. Frames for sunglasses are made for strength, but is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Better lenses. The glass of the sunglasses will not break easily. For some sports, they are treated with a so-called?? anti-fog or anti-fog coating? ?? which means that they do not cover. With glasses, you can even see the water properly. Other lenses only provide maximum protection against glare and UV rays or an extra contrast visibility on the sports field or other surface.
  • Interchangeable or fotokroma lenses. In many sports glasses, you can change the glass with another.Thus, you can use the glasses for different types of weather. The sunglasses with light, photochromic lenses, but are also becoming increasingly common.

According to SunglassesWill, many sunglasses are pretty standard and can be used for a number of different sports. In some sports, there are only required some adjustment of the standard model. Therefore, first a description of these base glasses.

The framework of sports glasses

To sit, the framework of sports glasses both sturdy and comfortable the following features:

  • They are light in weight.
  • They have better legs that fixture or attached with a rubber band.
  • They are flexible, so that they can be set to a maximum of the face.
  • They are made in whole or in part, of non-slip material, such as rubber.

Sports glasses with M-frame free view
Many models have only one half frame. At the bottom of the glass rests on the cheek. The advantage is that the frame is not always POPs into your field of view as you move. Fairly minimal is a so-called M-ram. In addition, the glass depends only partly on the top edge of the frame.
Some glass is made to change the glass during the sport itself without stopping. These glasses have a full frame. But clinging to the face, which makes it not opwipt too.
Nose Bridge
Many glasses have an extra flexible nose bridge to adjust the glasses up in your face. Sometimes there are also several nose bridges.