Summer Boots-Really a Trend?

Winter boots are something totally normal, keep warm and dry them after all the feet. But boots in the summer? Who likes to wears boots, which will come this summer at his own expense.

Say it right – almost all summer boots are a matter of taste and some one must have already a very extravagant taste, to be able to wear them. Who wants to go through the town rather inconspicuously, who should wear normal sandals.

Shoe Pope Christian Louboutin is also, when it comes to summer boots. His creations are risky and expensive, but they are also beautiful? How about including the boots of Syrian wool in shoot wide, colorful stripes and with a high wedge heel in bast? Fits maybe white shorts or even the jeans mini skirt. The fleet boots with the Umschlagschaft are for 415,-euros. Slightly more expensive, but the Louboutin summer boots with the distinctive red sole, are made of transparent plastic, with a thin leather strap around the restraints. The price? 885,-euro.

Who does not want to give degrees in the shade up boots also at 30 °, which should pick up the summer boots by Miu Miu. What makes summer boots the boots for 495 euros? There are peep-toes, but that’s all.

The summer shoes by Sergio Rossi are particularly exclusive. You remember a bit on a very coarse knitting pattern, are made of leather and Paillettenbestickt. Knee and killer heeled boots cost only 2.400,-euros.

Altogether in addition, attempting to combine Roman sandals and boots went however. At the foot a sandal made of braided leather, calf and knee each a piece of braided leather. Summer sandals, that fatal reminiscent of old-fashioned Greaves are finished.