Style Tips for Men Casual Sports

The blog begins a series of postings about style. Today the Tip to look is for the casual sports man. You know women and men are learning that every situation – work, school, Church, Mall-needs different parts. The by clicking here you can check out the tips of the elegant contemporary man.

These are style tips that every man to identify, through the images, what’s your style and what is indicated using, what are the trends of the moment, what looks good and current.

The causal sports man style is back in this series of posts with tips from looks to inspire the men who fit in that way, it’s time to get dressed.

Sporting casual man style

When we think in this style of dress soon comes to mind the guys clothes kind of dropped or descompromissadas with low-quality clothing and accessories. The image, usually associated with, is the guy who wears shorts, pants and shirt of the shelter team heart.

But, Yes, there’s a good and interesting options for the style of sporting casual man, including up to a blazer.

Features of sports-style casual man

When the subject is the favorite color combinations, the sports/casual style doesn’t like to waste time thinking about combinations.

He buys when you need it, you don’t like wasting time and like amenities.

Until it’s time to think in the tissues that are easier to handle, so the favorite outfit is one that is practical and simple and, of course, that also applies to the accessories (purses, briefcases, wallets, belts, bracelets, sunglasses,) and for shoes , which essentially need to be comfortable.

Learn a little about man’s casual sports predominant style:

The keyword for this type of style is:COMFORT.

Essential: a good shirt, but can also be a good jeans.

Fabrics: cotton, linen, nylon, velvet, natural fibers, fabrics, dull.

Colors:primary colors (especially white) and simple combinations.

Shoes:always comfortablerubber sole, comfort line.

Bags and folders:backpacks, cross handles in body bags, the idea is always to practicality.

Accessories:are simple, nothing overt.

In the images we split up some tips on looks that are basic for the man who likes sports casual look. But, of course, there are other options.

Driver and moccasin: comfort for the sporting casual man

A good moccasin leather never goes out of style. Proof of this is that you always see various models in the main showcases of shoes and fashion. The men’s loafer goes great with denim pants or jeans. A white pants with Plaid Shirt, have also can’t miss in the wardrobe, take very well. In the heat, the men’s leather moccasin fits very well with Bermuda, giving an unpretentious sophistication.

Tip: your pants too long flatten the silhouette and create a different look than expected. So, give preference to the pants that end at the ankle or bet on sets of pants with turn-ups.

Nothing better than providing something comfortable feet, as the driver, who also are always in fashion and are required in the shoe closet in modern man. They combine with shorts and pants more settled, Bermuda and even casual blazer. Use them without socks at, please.

The driver is a version of the moccasin. It is usually made of leather with thickness more to preserve the structure of the footwear. The main difference of this model of moccasin is your sole is coarse and entire docked inside of leather giving more flexibility to the footwear. Your calcanheira is lined in leather with a high density foam providing excellent comfort who uses. It is essential to direct because the sole detail that extends to the height of the heel to protect the shoe while driving. Looks good in shorts, Jeans and Pants.

And there, enjoyed these tips? Share with friends? have other suggestions of looks for the man with style casual sports? Send us your suggestion in the comments of the post.