Strange Jewelry Collection

That is a jewel to be men or women, this type of valuable accessory has always had a special meaning, full of romantic expectations and promises. The jewelry has evolved to the most absurd and striking design, goldsmiths and artists create small works of art to wear and give away. Even the precious pigeon droppings are incredibly fascinating, thanks to  Frances Wadsworth-Jones, a London artist who overturns the concept excrement most hated by the urban world. The inspiration, says the artist, came when he went to the Royal College of Art: “I try to find beauty in the unexpected and often look to the floor”.

The collection, Heaven Sent (sent from heaven), remember that being affected by the droppings of pigeons luck. The artist collects pictures of bird droppings which then turns into precious art.

From Russia with love comes this precious jewel, completely introverted. Absurd and unexpected, the ring looks like a simple smooth band but reveals its riches inside, where they are hiding the diamonds. All original products, made entirely with gold, silver, platinum and precious stones.

But the  Open! Design & Concepts  is not just jewelry, is also of furniture, decoration, watches and other items. A bit ‘expensive, but, basically, the madness is priceless.

The materials are the classic, gold and silver, but the subjects that the jewel designer  Han Cholo is in his works are quite extraordinary. And Star Wars is exceptional protagonist. Prices are fairly accessible.

For  € 28,69  EUR instead, you can push other boundaries. Polina Verbitskaya is an artist very good, indeed disturbing, and its  dollsculpture  propose rings made ​​by hand, pieces of human body, very intimate. A s you like!

One of those girls who collect every kind of puppy to take home, from big then find your love in Telemachus and he devotes a jewel, always wear a sign that you remember. Thus was born the first piece of the  collection The Chiara Berdin Puppies , an idea that appeals to all lovers of dogs and cats.