Steve Kondik Presents for The First Time at a Conference The Project Cyanogenmod

One of the developers who got to go on stage during the Google I/O 2012 was neither more nor less than Steve Kondik, founder and developer of the project Cyanogenmod. He did so to present their project, the ROM personalized best known of the android scene, for the first time at a Conference, and he arrived accompanied by some members of his team.

The speech focused on give a Overview of which problems are to be solved with the support offered by the different ROMs managed by the group. He also spoke of the objectives already achieved and those who are still to come, In addition to the challenges the team ahead for Cyanogenmod to increasingly carry more devices and solutions.

According to us, long time reserves for example to the development of the drivers, often the biggest problem for porting the ROMs to other devices, given the low support from the developers. Other common problems are the locked bootloaders, It prevents rapid development need your opening of official or unofficial.

The video the Conference is in English, but it nonetheless be interesting, so I leave it to you here same: