Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week

The fashion summer 2016 did not in fact on the shelves, but we already have a notion that the wardrobe will change for next season. The brands hand dropped the fashion prints with fruits and other trends that looked like they were pumping for a year and have changed almost everything. The stakes of the São Paulo Fashion Week show that boldness is one of the words the time for the next fashion sun season.

Some trends winter fashion 2016 still remain for a few months. It seems that the high waist skirt is one of them, present in almost all parades beach week. The model with short tops, with or without sleeves, are super high between the parades of São Paulo Fashion Week. Be pencil skirt with latex finish or skirt with soft draping or more smooth and long as the presentation of the designer Alexandre Herchcovitch in his summer collection to be inspiration for many others.

And after the jeans fashion with triangle with rhinestones, we have a different trend: torn jeans.Still short, both for them and for them, but without sheath and good finishes or less formal and walked looking around. The fashion now is torn, stripped, at least that’s what showed Cavaleira designer in his stripped and retro parade.

SPFW: Beach Fashion on Summer Fashion 2016

After ruffles and many comic strips, the only parts count make the walkways and should be eye-catching in the windows. There are a lot of bets in complete swimsuits and bikinis more compounds with a medium between the high waist and models with daring neckline to make both good behavior. The V-neck is the most to draw attention on the catwalk.

The strapless still on the shelves, but smooth and many metalized. Nothing exaggerated accessories and applications with the latest seasons metals. Smooth models are the most appropriate.

Behaved knickers are also essential. The bow or models with strips and flossing are left out in this hot season, starting to behaved and marking little body. The trend now is comfort. A good example is the parade of Pat Paty’s, followed by other major brands.

SPFW : Colors and Fashion Prints Summer 2016

Forget fashion with berries and animal print in beachwear 2015. What should bombard in the pools and sea is prints related to sea itself, at least that is the bet of coconut water brand with shells prints, beach sand and fish drawings. Very blue and earth color to remember the perfect setting of a seaside is what is on the agenda. The neon fashion went away slightly, getting some more intense colors and many pastels combining, great for anyone who loves to be discreet and elegant.The sober tones were still bet Animale brand, reinforcing the theory.

To the streets, there are those who bet on more vibrant colors but no prints, like pink pink Alexandre Herchcovitch and white, the basic color for the hot days. white blouses are pumping with or without details and pants in the same requested. The color that goes with everything should be the “must have” of next season. White was also the basis Bet Animale brand, reinforcing the desire of sober color.

What the world should use and abuse Pernambuco already is the renaissance lace, a bet on various applications of Animale designer. The different designs appear in sweaters, pants, dresses and overlays that are pumping at the next station. It is chic and an alternative to income that for so long was discussed in the market.

Regionalism should be a big bet for next summer. Some brands have shown an exploration of northeastern prints, such as woodcuts. Ethnic pattern seems falling out of time, but some say not for long by the strong tendency of fashionistas to value popular culture.

There are those who say that the sober tones will Bombing in fashion summer 2015 but brands like Fause Haten bet on the rose pink and deep blue to rock the night fashion. Black also can, and is present in designer Giuliana Romanno in SPFW, but in a light clothing, with transparency and matching pencil skirt. Stay chic and comfortable at the same time the heat is what fashionistas bet for the coming months.

For fashion night and occasional glares are accepted, with some care. Forget excess rhinestones even accessories and go metallized shines both in clothing and in shoes. Pieces with bright embroidery appeared on dresses and blouses for the night, but nothing too pompous and full of frills. It’s all well and very delicate transparency in light and very feminine pieces.

SPFW: 70 Back in Summer 2016 Fashion

After pantaloons pants discreetly back, other designers seek us crazy 70s inspiration to dare to look and get parts for feminine look. A good example is the silk shawls, returning everything.

The brand Cavalera showed much loose models on the catwalk, with chartists pants with prints and totally “Hair”, many loose parts and valuing the comfort. Very expensive summer, so the most popular brands should also be inspired to do their best in the same segment. One of the highest points of the brand were floral prints dark, a touch of modernity in roaring fashion of the 70s.

SPFW: Summer Fashion Dresses 2016-Bets!

Short dresses , spaghetti strap and V-neck looks like it will be pumped. The fashion now is lightweight fabrics, more loose and no longer models. The higher the better thigh, at least is the tip of Lilly Sarti designer. Another tip is to use only the front models, the same designer bet with simple and discreet colors of the “must have”.

straight dresses with glued skirt and delicate V-neck also appear in better casual. Ruffles are left out, with elegant and sexy cuts and a light, basic belt.