Spring Look With Leather Jacket

In the end he is at the end… Pardon dear Jecken, fools and other Carnival, carnival, fastnacht-trailers. But I am really happy that the 5th season is over.

 I can not do anything with it-I do not like to dress up-or do not like it anymore. And finally, the danger is banned that the children could be invited to carnival parties. Every year anew the new costume, which is now announced and then it goes to buy…Because unfortunately, they grow up, uh the children out of all available costumes until next year. And with ebay are basically only panels in other sizes to be found. My children are the total mainstream. But I do not want to lament-it is eaten, the Faschingsgedöns and the donuts and the Fasting has begun. And this year, I’m trying to get involved. My outfit is inspired by the approaching spring-all in light blue with leather jacket. But without sweaters it’s not yet.

So fasting… exactly… In a post on the radio I learned that you can fast all kinds of things. Only painful hurts should be. It does not count, then, when I say I for six weeks now forgo licorice. Or I promise high and holy that I do not clean windows until Good Friday, and do not dust under any circumstances. When it comes to these activities, I would be able to endure well until Christmas. And certainly beyond that…. But there must be something to do with repentance-that is, if one wants to pursue the fate of the Roman-Catholic model.

Vegans And Fasting

However, I have to admit that I did not quite understand the religious point of view exactly what it was with fasting… After reviewing a leather jacket in MENSJACKETSSTORE … I know a bit more. But even if the fasting period is still oriented to the Church today, I believe that at least people for reasons which are purely religious motivated. But actually I did not want to go into it at all-that is, on the context of faith and fasting. I am no longer sure whether this approach is still up-to-date. A vegan, for example, forgets all the year-olds on much of the food which the Catholic Church forbids us in the fast. But maybe vegans are not Roman-Catholic?

After Forty Days Naked

But no matter-because even as a vegan I feel the meat consumption in this country as absolutely beside it. I do not know why meat must be available in harsh quantities at all times? Maybe the butchers and meat producers should simply think about a fasting period. Just as the construction in the winter pauses-so could the slaughters also think about a seasonal interruption? Or the manufacturers of clothes and fabrics? I guess none of the stores should close immediately, just because 40 days no new pieces come to the stores. And naked we would certainly not.


But no dear Conny, where do you think…? Where the large coal lies, is not fasted or waived. That should be only the small man, the little woman at the end of the snake. Snake? If there is not a paradise connection. In any case, the little men should show that they can withstand the temptations and sometimes get a bit torn. So fasts fast: meat, alcohol, sweets, cigarettes, consumption… and since you can only start with yourself with the change, I’ll go with it. But not because it was Ash Wednesday and not until Good Friday because it is Good Friday.

Sugar Is Harmful-Not Just For The Teeth

I still want to fast, sugar. Because since I have quit smoking completely, I am happily joking the sweets. The stupid thing, I now eat much more chocolate, gummy bears and co, than I have smoked cigarettes before. However, this is also harmful, I do not know whether just as harmful-but after watching a show about sugar onZDF, I know that sugar consumption makes us look old. Just like smoking… And that is not the only risk that increased sugar consumption entails. By the way,  Cla’s Glam up your lifestyle  has often written about sweet seduction, For example a sugar detox program.

Sugar And Its Effects

The nasty thing about the white stuff is that it has been included in more and more foods since the 1960s – even in foodstuffs where it is not really expected. And I find the actual scandal-smoking is known to be there Is carcinogenic and harmful and at all. But smoke is relatively obvious-smoke can be hidden badly and with nowhere cleanse. With the sugar one knows that it is somehow not good-but what it actually does in the body, comes only gradually in our heads.Somehow, only the speech of the teeth and tooth decay… but what effect does it really has on the body. You still hear too little of this.

Spring Look With Leather Jacket

Sooo now but enough moralapostelt… for actually I just wanted to say, I try to leave Easter the sugar… madness right? To tell you this, I have 800 words to you… But I am… I unlikely to row letters to each other… And of course there is still a word to the outfit. That is almost the spring… So it looked at least. Just because I absolutely wanted to wear a leather jacket and do not want to do without the thick jacket, it was not without sweater… After all, I am already over forty, fully sensible and know that you get a big cold when you fast a fabric layer in February Saving. There is also a further combination for a light blue striped tunic. Always a reason-a good one! And I ask you for your opinion, did you know that sugar has such consequences? A relaxed Friday I wish… Your Conny

…By the way, Nowshine already has feelings of spring-so I mean because of the leather jacket… No idea what you now thought…