Sports Bras to Play Tennis

One of the sports with more boom is the paddle. It is a very sociable sport and that can be practiced by all kinds of people, because that includes the possibility of playing with greater or lesser intensity.It is also a sport that is easy to learn and practice. It is very similar to the tennis rules.

This sport has encouraged many who had the habit of making sport, to get the scoop and run a little. This type of sport is very beneficial for health, since it is an aerobic exercise, with quite favorable for cardiovascular benefits.

It is a sport in which much movement, there are values of competition emotion and fun. But we have protected all over body? It is essential to have protected your breasts when performing a sport as the paddle.It is very important to protect this area of leather on women who practice this sport, since the movement is very aggressive and can create discomfort and a little more complicated problems.

To maintain a firm breast it is sometimes difficult if we don’t choose a suitable fastener.According to studies 3 of every 5 women suffer problems and chest pains when it comes to this sport, because they do not use a proper bra.

So that a bra is successful should be subject, without tightening too much, and without causing back pain.

How to choose a bra suitable for practicing the paddle?

Certainly there are to choose a sports bra. Common fasteners are designed for a normal activity, without sudden movements. Thedressexplorer lists the following tips for you to choose the right sports bra:

  1. Know that size is adequate.Chest to test you and see which size is appropriate by looking in the marking guide. On many occasions fasteners that we bought, not to have a brand in particular, we do not know what is our perfect carving. One of Sports Bras have a correct size Guide and the quality of its design, along with comfort, makes it a highly recommended sports bra for the paddle.
  2. If your chest size is changed, it is recommended to change your bra sports, since the subject is different.
  3. Choose a breathable BRA, which eject sweat and let your skin breathe.
  4. Choose a bra in its seams.These seams are usually prepared to cushion the movements and the impact of the breasts.
  5. Design of high performance.It is better to invest in a slightly more expensive BRA, but that lasts us and protect us at the same time
  6. Choose a bra that minimize chafing.
  7. A cross back Bra (style swimmer) makes the movement is distributed across the back and do not load the shoulder area.
  8. Choose a bra with wide straps

A sports bra should be able to reduce the movement of the chest, providing comfort to women, avoiding scratches.

From clothes inside Julia, we recommend Shock Absorber bra for paddle. This bra has a completely flexible and lightweight titanium ring design. Their soft drinks is adapted to the chest. Their straps are padded, good to dampen the movements.