Sony Xperia Z4: First Camera Image Gel Act

It is a photo of the Sony Xperia Z4 gel Act. This is however only indirectly from the hardware: according to XperiaBlog it should be: a sample recording of the main camera – indicates the model name.

Sony Xperia Z4 First Camera Image Gel Act

What is clear from previous leaks about hardware components of the Xperia Z4 model number of the next top model “E6553” should be. The currently gel file photos should be taken up with a device with just that name. The resolution of the image with 5248 x 3936 pixels can be close with 20.7 mega pixels on a camera – also suggested is already in previous leaks out.

Still Not Particularly Significant

Because it is so far only to a single photo, let Z4 sensor change hardly draw conclusions about the general quality of the Xperia. The landscape recording was apparently shot in best light conditions. As the resolution in contrast to its predecessor has not grown, are new features – better quality in schummrigem light – although likely, but currently still do not derive.

Recordings of the hardware of the device are rare. For Renderbilder are gel Act already showing a white smartphone from all sides. We have collected all the information so far available for you in the continuously updated overview of rumors to the Xperia Z4. An official announcement could be made in April, maybe we have to be patient us until November.