Sony Xperia S Can Already Access The Playstation Store

Recent weeks have seen the birth of Sony Mobile Communications, company that happens to Sony Ericsson after the acquisition of the joint venture by Sony; and we have all seen that the company has started its journey with eager, perhaps which has more lively market Since we began this year.

During the Mobile World Congress last presented us the benefits of its new Xperia NXT range, and although the presentations were quite important, many things were in the pipeline, as single Xperia just meet or the review of the possibilities of the S Xperia Playstation Store.

Don’t know why Sony avoided talking about the arrival of PlayStation Store its flagship, perhaps because support was not yet available full, despite the fact that in the menu of the terminal if the icon to the store of PlayStation games was.

Now it seems that Finally comes the PlayStation Store support to Sony Xperia S, given that if you press this icon we redirects with a link to download the store and the PS Pocket application.

There are 12 available to download games from PlayStation Store, although some are specific for Xperia Play, will have to activate the settings install applications outside Google Play Store, and also you will have to register in the PlayStation Network or the Sony Entertainment Network.

A big step for users of Xperia S, to enjoy now classic PlayStation games on your smartphone. In addition, Sony has promised that you will attempt to bring the PlayStation certification to all their terminals in 2012, including the already known P Xperia, Xperia U and single Xperia.