Sony Xperia S: at Last The Have and Soon The Analyze

A couple of months after being presented at the CES in Las Vegas, and as Sony Mobile promised few weeks after having closed the curtain the Mobile World Congress, the flagship of the Japanese company began to arrive in stores in our country.

We now have in our hands the new Sony Xperia S, and before passing it by our analysis table, we want to share with you the first pictures of the unboxing device, and position you to Let us in the comments doubts that you have or stuff you want Let’s Fund.

Its strong points, as most know, come from the hand of the Sony technology, with a 4.3 high-definition display inch engine BRAVIA Engine and a 12 megapixel camera with sensor Exmor R Mobile backlit.

This device, which has dual-core 1.5 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, however lacks in his birth of the latest version of Android, and although Sony promises to update it in the coming weeks, Gingerbread gives life to a hardware worth one of the best Android smartphones on the market today.

Presentation, unboxing and first impressions of the finish of the terminal

Note that Sony has worked to make a fairly small and minimalist package, Although the presentation of the device is very correct. The box is surprising, coming out of the rectangular devices most style, that is square and narrow, and is customized according to the color of the device, which in this case is white.

The device is properly engaged, thus preventing movements and coups, the protection is very good. Everything in the package has its place, so we don’t have any hits to the packaging of this Sony Xperia.

Another point that we must add in favor of Sony also have included in the package several extras, as an HDMI cable and two Smart Tags, one of the accessories star company to accompany its range of smartphones.

The device we can say that it impresses, it has a minimalist design that not striking it, although it is a robust and with a very good touch device. Transparent glass is a detail of distinction that makes it different, and far from becoming just that, in it we have a nearly invisible mesh that connects antenna located in the bottom frame.

The terminal has a design quite square, killed but very sharp corners, and the size is slightly less than the Galaxy Nexus, as you can see in some images of the gallery. The enclosure is stain, as we have seen in previous articles, something that is appreciated especially in the white model.

To whet your appetite, we leave you with pictures of the unboxing Gallery, and in short, all Sony Xperia S analysis. Do you have a question or something you want to ask?

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