Sony Tablet P

One thing is certain: the designers of Sony were not to twiddle my thumbs in recent months because both the Tablet S that precisely this Tablet P, have their say in terms of looks.OK, although everything is this second model that hits more attention, thanks to the soft lines, compact size, but above all to the fact that opening into two this kind of “pochette”, inside there is a true tablet Honeycomb in all respects.

Many compare with the Nintendo DS, in fact the concept may be called that, but Sony trims are from another planet and although it does not disdain the game thanks to Playstation Suite, let us not forget that the Tablet P is in fact an Android tablet, and not “just” a game console.

Many of the things said to his older brother also apply in this case: from the excellent display TruBlack, customizing of software made by Sony, Music and Video Services Unlimited, which allow more than 10 million songs and over 6000 movies; but the similarities come to an end, especially given the unusual form factor of this model. Here is an example that we find Pinball Heroes and Crash Bandicoot on both models, but in small clamshell controls occupy the whole screen at the bottom (you can press a button and then another without lifting your finger off the screen, but never simply dragging it: very good!), while the other is devoted entirely to the graphics of the game, which shrinks the images to 5.5 inches (a little more than a smartphone)but on the other allows you to focus entirely on what happens in the game without the hassle of overlay controls. This same idea “divide and conquer” is echoed in many applications: for example we have the virtual keyboard on a screen and the mail that we are responding in the other, and so on. In short, the Tablet P is aware that her curves are a bit unusual, but not ashamed, even tries to make the best (and the software under test was not the definitive one).

Also in this case we have a template around to try: its particularity will make you fall in love? Find out by taking a look at the video and the pictures below, waiting for our full review, which we hope will not wait long.