Sony SRS-X77-Delicious Lydkasse with Formidable Finish [Test]

Review: We have tested the Sony’s bid on a portable speaker with sound and design in excellence.

Sony is here, there and everywhere, when it comes to electronic products. In everything from phones to games consoles, the Japanese electronics giant with on beat, and this makes it of course also applicable when there is talk about quality sound on the go.

With the slick Sony SRS-X77 jumps with the innovative wave of fashionable and functional speakers that can be connected easily with everything from a tap with an NFC chip for AirPlay via an iPhone.

Awesome well cut

SRS-X77 has, otherwise its something complicated name, a very simple and stylish look. The black/grey finish is top notch, and the receiver screams quality, to say the least.

On top of the apparatus is a soft black smooth surface, which, in addition to Sony’s logo, also includes musical “dashboard”. Here it is possible to switch between the various connectivity options, each of which is indicated via the small LED lights.

In addition, it is a delicious detail that the buttons are touch-sensitive, as a bit like a modern hob goes in one with surface around them. Only by power on/off feature is that talking about an actual physical button.

Sony = high-quality audio

With products from Sony, we expect that the quality is top notch, and there is no doubt that the speaker lives up to that reputation.

Behind the grey front grille are the core of the instrument, as in the degree are guf for an audio enthusiast. Here hides two full-range drivers, which together with a 62 mm subwoofer helps to give an unsurpassed sound that easily plays up to both party and colors.

Especially the bass in X77 is sublime, and it seems very natural. Even at a high volume will be neither scratchy or oversized.

It is of course very differently, whether a powerful bass are preferred, but in the contexts where I’ve used the loudspeaker, Yes so is it just the bass, that people notice and then to admire.

In general I have been very surprised by this speaker’s ability to produce an incredibly clear and delicious sound that neither has disappointed at high volume or when it has had to play larger space up.


One speaker – so many opportunities

As the map above will get you with SRS-X77 a speaker with a great many facets. Overall, this is a portable wireless speaker, who should be able to be around and easily join similar units.

But it is not only what it can. On the back of this lydkasse is available for, in addition to the aux port and power entrance, an entry for an Ethernet cable.

But it is not a bluetooth speaker? After all, but by linking it to its home network you can actual SC, in the same way as the popular Sonos system, control and manage your music in different rooms via Sony’s own app. an app where you can easily access all your music, whether we are talking about Spotify, local music or radio.

In addition, you have the additional option to stream your music freely as you see fit. SRS-X77 also supports AirPlay, Google Cast, Spotify Connect etc.

All this, of course, sounds very good, and there is nothing wrong with that agonizing a speaker can be a bit of everything.

The dilemma is, however, in that X77, because of its size and weight, placing it right in the middle of the two categories by both to be a bit too big to be a really portable speaker, but at the same time also a bit too skilled to be able to function as the primary speaker at home.

Relatively much on deforestation

On a full charge, promises Sony, that their speaker would be able to be used for up to 10 hours. A time on his show is well below competitors such as B & Os series of Beoplay, but at the same time also is an expression of how powerful and good sound, as X77 actually produces.

During the testing period, which ran over about three weeks, I have experienced several times of a battery life that lived up to the promised. Only a few times when I seriously have pressed the speaker, it has had to throw in the towel ahead of time.

SRS-X77 also has a rear end for power through USB to URf.eks a phone or tablet. A feature that I have praised, and also this time must have the recognition. When the speaker even blocking socket with its own leaves, it is incredibly smart also to be able to get power on his cell phone.



  • Size: 6 x 13.2 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg.
  • Audio: Produced by two 46 mm units with a subwoofer at ca. 62 mm in the Middle
  • Battery: Up to 10 hours of playback
  • Colors: White and black
  • Supported devices: Miscellaneous devices with either bluetooth, aux port, or WiFi-access
  • Coupling options: Bluetooth 4.0, Airplay, Google Cast, AUX input and as wireless media device
  • Price: CA. 2,500 (Fona)

Golden middle ground or “stuck in the middle”?

There is no doubt that Sony have really hit the spot with the quality of both design and not least the soundtrack. SRS-X77 both sounds and fits well to the many differences between situations.

Anyway, I see the best suited for the self-confident young people who weigh the sound quality high, but which at the same time also want to be able to take his music with him Also is the particularly suited young people, since it is possible to connect it with so many different devices and operating systems.

The price, however, must also be taken into account. With a price of over 2,500 dollars is the, otherwise perfect speaker for dorm, perhaps not so perfect anymore. Therefore, SRS-X77 for those who have a little extra money to spend, but who also get “value for money”.

The recurring reservations from my side of the is, however, still to be found in the fact that it places itself between both being stationary qua ethernet input and possibility of control of music in more rooms, and at the same time also portable with its many opportunities for wireless streaming and a relatively long battery life. But with a weight of almost two kilometres, it is not because it is a feather to carry around.

However, so far, I have had the great pleasure of using both aspects of it, and it has so lived up to my expectations.

Sony SRS-X77 is so for you who want delicious sounds, a tough design and lots of cool features for a reasonable fair price.

Sony SRS-X77, we land on a 5′ is.