So You Take Photos Of Great Photos With The Google Nexus 5

Stunning photos with the Google nexus 5: is the main camera of 5 nexus with the resolution of 8 MP comparatively weak – for the camera app of your Smartphone offers you a variety of configuration options. In this way, you can achieve impressive results and give a professional look to your photos. Here, you can find out how you can optimally use the settings of the nexus 5.

So You Take Photos Of Great Photos With The Google Nexus 5

Use HDR Mode

The HDR mode of the nexus 5 allows you to get even sharp photos when lighting conditions within the photographed area vary greatly. If, for example, a point is very bright, your motif but relatively dark, the HDR mode can compensate for this. To do this, the camera takes several pictures on, which afterwards will be fused to a photo. Therefore, it is important that you keep very quiet that nexus 5 in HDR mode. Also, this mode primarily for recording outdoor suitable. To open the camera app and tap the circle, the right at the bottom on the display. Now opens the menu, in which the point of “HDR” is displayed.

Use Panorama Function

The panorama function is called in the camera app nexus 5 “photo sphere”. Thus, you can make recordings, whose screen images are larger than the display. For this you take up multiple images, which are assembled automatically after the app to a photo. Open the camera app and wipes to the left to open the menu. There, you can choose the mode photo sphere.

Take Pictures With The Self-Timer

To take 5 pictures with the self-timer with the nexus, you must first open the camera app. Tap the horizontal points for the menu, and then click the stopwatch icon to activate the timer for 3 seconds. For a period of ten seconds until the, you twice must tap the icon. When you activate the camera icon now, the countdown begins to the recording.

Create Slideshow With Awesome Car

“Awesome car” is a handy feature of the nexus 5 camera app – so that you can let on request with music put together multiple photos to a slideshow you. The pictures are cut together then fit to the selected music. You can insert videos in the slideshow. To use the feature, you must tap within the camera app on the clapper board icon. Then, you can choose from the photo folder of images to be used.


  • With the HDR mode you succeed in high-contrast images even in low light conditions
  • Photo sphere you can take on multiple images, which are combined to form a panoramic image
  • You activate the self timer on the stopwatch icon in the camera app
  • Awesome car, you can choose from your photo folder images for a slideshow