So Start of 10 CyanogenMod Animation

One of the most colorful elements that differentiates one ROM from another is the animation of home. This component has become a hallmark of many cooks and those who carry much in this world tend to modify as the development progresses. This is the case of CyanogenMod, He shows us his latest work.

This animation, you have the video on these lines, it will be the first thing you see the users who use CyanogenMod 10, ROM cyan Android that will use Jelly Bean 4.1 version base after the ephemeral passage of the ninth version with Ice Cream Sandwich.

An animation which here dispenses with CID, your pet, and bet by a more sober style but at the same time worked and elegant. A small detail without too much importance, since we can change it and also what is really important is that it works well, not having an animation very cool.

For the time being CyanogenMod 10 is in development and although some users can already download trial versions still there is way to go, although the first stable versions will arrive soon. What do you think about animation? We then leave the previous version so that you can compare.

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